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Hungary: Budapest

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BSM Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
Mathematics, language, history, and culture.

Host Institution
Eotvos University
Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
St. Olaf College

Apartments or homes

Program Dates
Fall semester: late August to late December. 
Spring semester: late January to late May.

Faculty Liaison
Erica Flapan

Hungary’s political transition in 1989, with its change to multiparty elections and a free-market economy, signaled the beginning of sweeping changes in the country. Hungary’s capital and largest city, Budapest, sits on the Danube River, which in historic times split the metropolis into the two cities of Buda and Pest. Budapest is also home to a group of eminent mathematicians, from which the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) program draws its professors.

The BSM program is coordinated in North America at St. Olaf College and is housed at the College International Campus of the Technical University of Budapest.

Academic Program

The program begins with a non-credit, two-week intensive Hungarian conversation course required by Pomona. Then students take three math courses (1.0 Pomona course credit each), a language course, and one elective in European history or culture (0.5 Pomona course credits each). All subject courses are in English, and are taught by Hungarian professors from Eotvos University and the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  Students may exercise Pomona's P/NC option as per the College's regular guidelines.  Refer to the "Grades & Credits" section of this website. If Pomona students enroll in more than three math courses, the 3 Pomona credits will be divided over the number of math courses taken. All courses will appear on the Pomona transcript, and all courses will be calculated into the Pomona GPA.

Living Arrangements

Students live in homes or in apartments. A room and board allowance is provided by Pomona.  Students are required to submit a refundable housing deposit directly to the program upon acceptance, and will be refunded directly by the program at the end of the semester.

Number of Students

Approximately 2–4. Pomona applicants are part of a competitive national pool. Total group 40.


9.0 GPA required. Students should have taken an Algebra course (Math 171) or an Analysis course (either Math 101 or Math 131). The strongest applicants will have taken both Algebra and Analysis. Applicants should schedule an advising session with Professor Flapan, the Budapest program liaison.

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