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Ireland: Cork

Cork Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
Full university curriculum includes courses in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

Host Institution
University College Cork

Apartments with program participants.

Program Dates
Spring semester: end of December to early June

Faculty Liaison
David Menefee-Libey

The Ireland that many people envision is an island of quaint villages and people focused more on art and poetry than business. While these aspects of Ireland still exist today, modern Ireland has experienced rapid development and many Irish emigrants are returning to take advantage of job and business opportunities. Present-day Ireland offers a fascinating study of comparison with its past, and visiting students will enjoy a great number of enlightening discussions about the future of the country.

Ireland’s second city (after Dublin) began on an island in the estuary of the River Lee, and gradually climbed up the steep banks on either side.  Cork is surrounded by rich farmlands and river valleys that contrast with the wild sandstone hills of the west.  Nearby is a magnificent coastline strewn with rocky headlands and golden sands.  Today the river flows through Cork in two main channels, and Corkonians are constantly crossing bridges and climbing hills.  The city has a rich history as an important seaport on the southern Irish coast.  Because of the energy and vibrance of the city’s developing arts and music scene, Cork was designated as European Capital of Culture in 2005. 
The Pomona Program in Ireland is administered by Arcadia University, and hosted at University College Cork (UCC), an institution with an enrollment of 13,000 students. Established in 1845 as one of three Queen's colleges in Ireland, UCC became a constituent college of the National University of Ireland and adopted the name University College Cork in 1908. The beautifully landscaped main campus sits on a hillside beside the River Lee and is only a short walk from downtown Cork. The campus's large, mature trees and lovely lawns and gardens provide a welcome respite. 

Academic Program

The program begins with a four-day orientation in Dublin, followed by a local orientation in Cork. Students typically enroll in five to six semester-length courses, one of which must focus on Ireland. Most courses earn 2/3 Pomona credit each for a total of 4.0 Pomona credits. These courses are awarded 2.5 credits in the US semester credit system (5 Cork credits), although some Cork courses may earn double credit of 5.0 semester credits (10 Cork credits), or 1 1/3 Pomona credits. Pomona limits courses in dance or music to those with an academic component.  

Living Arrangements

Doubles in self-catered apartments in student apartment complex. Pomona provides a meal allowance.  

Number of students

Approximately 5 to 8 Pomona students. The Arcadia group totals approximately 30.


9.0 GPA. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed college coursework with Irish and/or European content.

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