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Ireland: Dublin

Dublin Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
Language and communications studies, classics, drama, English, economics, European studies, film, history, history of art, Irish music, philosophy, political science, psychology, religions and theology, sociology, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geography, geology, mathematics, microbiology, and physics.

Host Institution
Trinity College

Apartments with program participants.

Program Dates
Fall Semester: mid-August to mid-December
Spring Semester: early January to late May

Faculty Liaison
Kevin Dettmar

Arcadia University: Trinity College

Many imagine Ireland as a lush green island, full of thatched cottages, rugged coastlines, castles, music, poetry, and pubs. While these elements do exist, modern Ireland faces a less idyllic political and economic landscape. The Irish boom economy of the 1990's known as the "Celtic Tiger" crashed in 2008, and ever since, Ireland has been struggling with difficult times. Yet, its four million people maintain a strong spirit, and visitors are warmly welcomed. Ireland has a young, well-educated population, with over 50 percent of the people under 30.

Dublin, a city of one million, combines stately architecture and lush gardens, with a wealth of outstanding museums, art galleries, theaters, and cinemas. Students also enjoy the lively social life in Dublin's pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The city is small and walkable, and a stroll through the city is always a pleasure.

The program in Dublin is administered by Arcadia University, and hosted at Trinity College. Established in 1592 as the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, it is Ireland's oldest and most highly ranked university. Centrally located in Dublin, the College sits on a beautiful forty-acre site.

Academic Program:

Trinity College accepts students by department. Students may select one to three departments and indicate which courses they wish to take. The English and History departments have limited spaces. Students must select departments in which they have completed coursework at Pomona.

The program begins with an orientation in Dublin. Trinity College, Dublin, assigns credits based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), where courses weigh 5 ECTS (0.66 Pomona credits) or 10 ECTS (1.33 Pomona credits). A full semester course load at Trinity College must total 30 ECTS to earn 40 Pomona credits.

During the fall program, Pomona students are required to enroll in the Trinity Semester Start-Up Program (0.5 Pomona credits). This three-week course focuses on Irish Studies and it earns 5 ECTS. Students enroll in three to five Trinity College courses to earn the remaining 25 ECTS.

Living Arrangements:

Arcadia students at Trinity College live in Arcadia provided flats in residential neighborhoods south of the city center. Most flats accommodate three to five students, with a kitchen and living area. The accommodations are self-catered, and Pomona will provide a meal allowance.

Number of Students:

Arcadia enrolls approximately 30 students, selected from a national pool. University enrollment is approximately 13,000 students. 


  • 10.0 GPA

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