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Italy: Florence

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Florence Quick Facts

Language of Instruction
Italian and English

Fields of Study
Italian language and literature, anthropology, art history, history, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, gender studies, and studio art.

Host Institution
Syracuse University Center
University of Florence


Program Dates
For SU Florence Center, Studio Arts, and Advanced Language Program: 
Fall semester: late August to mid-December
Spring semester:  early January to late April. 

For Direct Enrollment:  university semester calendars vary; candidates should check with the Division of International Programs Abroad office at Syracuse University before applying. 

Faculty Liaison
George Corse

Syracuse University

There is no limit to the treasures of the city of Florence, which many art lovers consider the most hallowed on earth. Situated along the banks of the Arno river and set among the cypress-clad low hills of Tuscany, this small and intimate city possesses an overwhelming density of cultural and artistic experiences. Cradle of the Renaissance and home of Dante, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and the Medici, Florence has entranced intellectuals for centuries. Today, it continues to play a major role in Italian culture, art, literature, and politics.

The program, sponsored by Syracuse University, is located on the Piazza Savonarola, a beautiful 19th-century piazza and neighborhood in the northern section of Florence, only a ten minute walk from downtown. In addition to classroom instruction, the program includes a variety of field trips.

Academic Program

 Syracuse University offers three program options in Florence:

SU Florence Center is based at the Syracuse University (SU) Florence Center. The academic Program includes a required intermediate or advanced Italian language course and language practicum course. Students enroll in three electives taught in English by Italian and American faculty. Students take 15 SU credits to equal 4.0 Pomona credits.


Students enrolled on this option pay choose to follow the studio arts track.

Studio Arts track: Students take art courses at Syracuse's studio on the piazza Donatello, art history courses, and Italian langauge courses at the SU center. Applicants are required to submit a slide portfolio consisting of 12 to 15 slides of recent work.

Students may enroll in one Studio Arts course taught in the Florentine studios, in addition to SU regular art courses.

Advanced Language Program at the University of Florence offers an intensive language and culture program at the Centro di Cultura per Straniere of the University of Florence. The Italian langauge class (intermediate or advanced) includes an advanced practicum. Students also choose three elective classes at the SU Center for a total enrollment of 15 SU credits, equaling 4.0 Pomona credits.

Direct Enrollment at the University of Florence offers students the opportunity to directly enroll in up to three Italian-taught courses at the University of Florence. Students also take courses at the SU center to earn a total of at least 15 semester credits, to equal 4.0 Pomona credits. 

The SU center offers credit internships for a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 0.75 Pomona course credits. There is an additional form as part of the application for students who are interested in an internship.

Pomona awards a maximum of 4.0 Pomona course credits for the above program.

Pomona does not award semester credit for The Greek Odyssey seminar, prior to or following the academic semester. Students choosing to participate in this optional study tour will be billed for the extra cost. 

Living Arrangements

Students are placed in Italian homes. An apartment option is available only for studio art students. Homestays provide breakfast seven days per week and five evening meals per week. Pomona provides an allowance for weekday lunches and evening meals on weekend days. Students placed in apartments receive an allowance from Syracuse to partially cover meal expenses, and Pomona provides a supplement.

Number of Students

Syracuse enrolls approximately 200 - 300 students. 


  • 9.0 GPA is required.

Preference in Pomona admissions will be given to candidates with college coursework in art history.

SU Florence Center

  • Completion of introductory Italian (Italian 2), or the equivalent.

Advanced Language Program

  • Completion of advanced Italian (Italian 44), or the equivalent.

Direct Enrollment

  • Completion of an upper-division Italian course (100-level or higher), or the equivalent.

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