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Japan: Tokyo

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Tokyo Quick Facts

Language of Instruction
Japanese and English

Fields of Study
Japanese language, Japanese history, area studies, culture, economics, literature.

Host Institutions
International Christian University (ICU)
Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF)

Dormitories and Homestays

Program Dates
Fall semester: early July to late November.

Faculty Liaison
Sam Yamashita

Located in suburban Tokyo, International Christian University (ICU) is a distinguished liberal arts institution. ICU is committed to international cooperation, a priority reflected by the university’s large number of foreign students and faculty. Both Japanese and English are used regularly in the classroom and daily campus life. ICU’s superb Japanese language instruction offers Pomona students a special opportunity to do intensive Japanese work. In the classroom, language laboratory, and daily life, students will improve their language skills and develop confidence in intercultural communication.

Academic Program

The fall academic program at ICU is divided into two components: a summer session and the autumn term. The summer session consists of a six-week intensive language program (1.5 Pomona course credits). During the autumn term, students take 6.0 ICU quarter units of language instruction at levels J1-J6(1.0 Pomona course credit). Students may not enroll in the intensive Japanese program. Students testing into Advanced Japanese 1 should enroll in three courses: Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In Advanced Japanese 2 students take three courses: Aural and Oral, Reading and Discussion, and Writing and Presentation.  Students also take three electives from the Japan Studies Program (courses taught in English), or university course offerings taught in English, totaling 9.0 quarter units (0.5 Pomona course credit each). Students with a high proficiency in Japanese may enroll in university courses taught in Japanese. Students earn an overall total of 4.0 Pomona course credits. Electives include history, culture, literature, and economics and a list of previous courses is available in the OSA.  Students should note that ICU awards only whole letter grades.

In between the summer session and the fall term students participate in the ten-day Hokkaido Homestay Program organized through the Hokkaido International Foundation. 

Living Arrangements

During the summer session, students stay in one of the ICU dormitories. During the autumn term students may choose between a homestay placement with a Japanese family or an off-campus student residence. Pomona provides a meal and fall term housing allowance.

Number of Students

6 maximum. Total university enrollment approximately 2,900.


Applicants must have junior class standing and have taken at least one year of college-level Japanese or the equivalent. 9.0 GPA required. Extensive ICU application and a copy of a valid passport is required. Students should not submit a Hokkaido homestay form at the time of application; The OSA will contact students in May to provide the homestay form. Because of the lengthy visa processes, students should have a passport valid for six months beyond the end of the proposed semester abroad at the time of application.

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