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New Zealand: Earth and Environment in Christchurch

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Earth and Environment Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
Environmental studies, and access to the full university curriculum.

Host Institutions
University of Canterbury
Frontiers Abroad

University dormitory

Program Dates
Fall semester: Late June to early November

Faculty Liaisons
Rick Hazlett and Char Miller

The Frontiers Abroad fall program based in Christchurch focuses on the theme “Earth and Environment.” The program analyzes current environmental issues arising from the interface between nature and society. The curriculum includes a four-week field camp in the Cook Islands, a group research project, and university courses at the University of Canterbury. The research projects are designed to assist in the re-development of Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake.


9.0 GPA. Established EA major. Students should have a demonstrated academic interest in human and natural environments. Background in physical and biological sciences recommended. Students should have an advising session with an EA faculty member or the faculty liaison. At least one letter of recommendation must be written by an EA faculty member.

Number of Students

Approximately 4-5 Pomona students; maximum total program enrollment 25 per semester.

Academic Program

Before classes begin at the university, students take part in a four-week field camp in the Cook Islands. The field camp consists of four modules: 1) Sustainability for survival, 2) “Kaitiakitanga, Maori perspectives on natural hazards, resource management, and environmental restoration, 3) New Zealand marine and coastal ecology, and 4) Hazards, emergency management, and science communication of the Canterbury earthquakes. Once the university semester begins, students enroll in “Research Methods in Geography” GEOG 309 where they will participate in a group research project. The field and research components combined are worth 1 Pomona credit.

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