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Spain: Madrid

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Madrid Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
Spanish language and literature, art history, ecology, economics, history, literature, and political science.

Host Institutions
Middlebury College's Sede Prim Center (in Madrid)
Universidad de Carlos III (in Getafe)
Universidad de Córdoba (in Córdoba)
Universidad de la Rioja (in Logroño)

Shared apartments with local residents.

Program Dates
School in Spain (Madrid)
Fall semester: early September to mid-December
Spring semester: early January to early May

University program in Getafe
Spring only: mid-January to early June.

University programs in Logroño or Córdoba
Spring only: early February to late June.

Faculty Liaison
José Cartagena-Calderón

Middlebury College

Madrid is a modern capital of four million people. The historic center, Old Madrid, can easily be covered on foot. Monuments, parks, and plazas on every corner were restored in preparation for Madrid’s designation as the 1992 “Cultural Capital of Europe.”

The Middlebury College Program is based at their own facility, Sede Prim, which opened in January 2004.

Academic Program

During the first week of each semester, all semester students participate in an orientation designed to introduce Madrid and Spanish life. The academic program in Madrid consists of four courses taught in Spanish (1.0 Pomona course credit each). All students are required to take one course in advanced Spanish grammar and composition. Students then choose three electives from a range of courses.

Upon recommendation of the Middlebury Director, students may also register for one class with certain U.S. study abroad programs based at the Instituto Internacional. Students should avoid courses that overlap or duplicate Pomona’s Spanish 170, 185a, and 185b.

Spring semester students may opt to participate in one of Middlebury’s alternative programs at one of three Spanish universities. The universities are: La Universidad Carlos III, Getafe; La Universidad de Córdoba; and La Universidad de la Rioja, Logroño. Students on these programs enroll in a full-time program of regular university courses and live in dormitories, local student residences, or private homes. Participants in this option must have advanced Spanish language proficiency and be mature and resourceful individuals who desire the independence of a full-immersion environment. Students must apply for university programs at the time of application. 

There is no P/NC option on this program.

Living Arrangements

With the assistance of the program administration, students find their own accommodations in homes. A room and board allowance is provided by Pomona College.

Number of Students

Approximately 4. Total group approximately 35.


Five semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent, including one content course taught in Spanish. 9.0 GPA in Spanish, 9.0 GPA in student's major, and 8.0 GPA overall. All students are expected to enroll in a Spanish course the semester prior to the term abroad. Middlebury requires a graded paper in Spanish as part of its application.

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