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Reporting Progress


The successful implementation of this plan is unlikely without a strong commitment to regular, thorough reporting on progress. Regular assessment and reporting will happen in the following ways:

  • Sustainability Annual Report Each September, the Sustainability Integration Office will produce a Sustainability Annual Report to communicate progress and to provide an update on new programs projects, and accomplishments.  This document will be reviewed and distributed by the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability. See the 2012-13 Sustainability Annual Report. [pdf]
  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventory The Sustainability Integration Office will update the College's greenhouse gas inventory annually to track changes in emissions. This inventory will be included in the Sustainability Annual Report.
  • Sustainability Action Plan updating This Plan will be assessed and updated to maintain relevant and to assist with planning progress after the first years of implementation. Two and five years after adoption, the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability will identify progress on every recommendation included in this plan, including explanation of whether the items were implemented and with what level of success. The entire Action Plan will be updated by May 2016.