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Getting Involved in Pomona's Sustainability Effort

Sustainability Integration Office

Are you interested in being involved in a project? Have questions about sustainability or what you should be doing? Want to talk about sustainability in your class but want some help preparing information?

Here's what the Sustainability Integration Office can do to help:

  • Answer questions about sustainability - for instance, the Registrar's Office emailed to ask about what sort of envelopes they might want to be buying to mail out transcripts. A faculty member emailed to ask why the coffee cups with Catering orders are disposable - the Sustainability Integration Office can assist with these sorts of questions.
  • Process sustainability complaints - see a broken sprinkler? Someone leaving their lights on all night? Let us know.
  • Assist in preparing lecture materials or resources for sustainability-related projects.
  • Help to develop project topics for theses, term papers, or other class projects, particularly those related to campus sustainability topics. Food, energy, water, landscaping - whether a general study or an analysis of a particular technology or effort, campus sustainability issues make for challenging and rewarding academic projects.
  • Give talks about Pomona's environmental impact. Talking about stormwater and want to know about what Pomona's stormwater impacts are? The Sustainability Integration Office can prepare presentations about sustainability topics at the College.

President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability

This committee was formed by President Oxtoby in 2006 and is the official College committee for advising on sustainability issues. This committee is responsible for an annual report about the progress of sustainability at the College. PACS has approximately five staff and faculty members each year, but you are always welcome to stop by meetings to see what's happening and how the process works or to be an unofficial member of the committee.

For more information about attending a PACS meeting or being a part of PACS, see this webpage and contact the Sustainability Integration Office at or the Chair of the Committee (currently, Professor Charles Taylor,