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Administration efforts

In December 2009, students and staff built an on-site herb garden for Oldenborg Dining Hall.

2010-11 Programs

  • Sustainability Action Plan This plan, written by the President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability and the Sustainability Integration Office, marks the first time the College administration has outlined a broad strategy for moving forward with campus sustainability efforts. The plan proposes seven goals with quantitative and qualitative 10-year targets in areas including energy, water, waste, and education. You can find the plan here.
  • Awards The Sustainable Endowment Institute’s 2011 Green Report Card named Pomona as one of seven to receive a grade of “A” for campus sustainability initiatives. Pomona also came in at #23 in the Sierra Club’s Cool Schools ranking. Pomona’s SolTrain, a mobile solar energy station, won the Excellence in Innovations for Sustainability from the Assoc. of American College Unions International
  • President’s Sustainability Fund Program This year, projects funded with PSF grants (see below) included: post-consumer composting in the dining halls, reusable dining ware and composting materials for events, occupancy sensors for campus vending machines, native landscaping, and more.  
  • STARS submission Pomona is a charter member of STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System), a nationwide assessment framework for campuses. Pomona submitted their first STARS submission and is one of 24 schools to receive a Gold rating (as of publication). You can find Pomona's STARS report here.

Ongoing Programs

  • Collaboration with other institutions The SIO continued working with a variety of colleagues from other campuses throughout the year, including USC, UCLA, Caltech, Loyola Marymount, and Pepperdine to improve campus sustainability efforts. 
  • Sustainability Integration Office (SIO) This office, directed by Bowen Close ’06, develops, administers, coordinates, and assesses sustainability programs and projects on campus. The office also includes a year-round student staff and manages ReCoop/Clean Sweep and Green Bikes.
  • President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) This committee produces yearly recommendations for the President and administers the President’s Sustainability Fund. In 2010-11, this committee also completed the Sustainability Action Plan and submitted the school’s response to STARS (see above). You can see more about the committee here.
  • President’s Sustainability Fund (PSF) Since 2007, this fund has provided a total of $30,000 distributed in grants to students for on-campus sustainability projects. In the past two years, the PSF has funded composting, water efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, and other projects. 
  • Presidents Climate Commitment The College has been a signatory of the Presidents Climate Commitment since 2007.  This nationwide organization coordinates climate action by colleges and universities. The Climate Commitment entails an annual greenhouse gas inventory and the creation of a plan for reducing emissions. 
  • Statement of Environmental Policy This policy statement reiterates the College’s commitment to environmental sustainability and requires the College to consider sustainability in budgetary, planning, and curricular decisions. You can find this policy statement here.

Progress toward goals for 2020

The following table includes relevant objectives from the College's Sustainability Action Plan.

How we're doing - 2020 Goals
Data point08-0909-1010-112020 Objective
Existence of consortium sustainability committee No No No Yes
Sufficient staffing and resources for sustainability programs   Sustainable Food Coordinator
position added
Delay on
Energy Manager
Existence of partnerships with local off-campus sustainability efforts and programs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engagement with relevant sustainability-related policy issues No No No Yes
Completion of assessment for sustainability-related improvements in College investment practices No No No Yes