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Climate Action Plan

Pomona College is a signatory of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which means the college must adhere to activities including an annual greenhouse gas inventory and the creation and implementation of a plan for reducing climate change-causing emissions.  

Climate Planning Principles

Prioritization of efforts In order to emphasize personal responsibility and stewardship, educational opportunities, and other sustainability values, the College plans to take action with the following priorities:

  • Conservation (behavior modification and elimination of use)
  • Efficiency (technology improvements)
  • Renewables (purchase and development of alternative energy sources)
  • Offsets (third-party or off-campus offsetting of emissions)

Purchases of offsets The College does not plan to purchase offsets ("carbon offsets," "renewable energy credits") as part of this climate action plan. The College is committed to prioritizing behavior modification, conservation, efficiency, renewable energy sources, and other on-campus methods of reducing emissions, before considering the purchase of offsets.

Objectives for 2020

The following goal is based on the objectives set forth in other sections of the College's Sustainability Action Plan, including: Energy, Pollution, Transportation, and Waste. Please note that this goal includes only a certain set of emissions; see the Carbon impacts and trends page to learn more.

  • 26% reduction in emissions from 2008-09 levels