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Course Lists

The following list includes courses designated as "sustainability-focused" and "sustainability-related." This list is based off the 2009-2011 Pomona College Catalog, and may not be up-to-date with current course offerings; nor does it include non-Pomona courses included in the Environmental Analysis curriculum. Please see the Environmental Analysis Program website for more and current information.

Sustainability-Focused Courses

ANTH 124 PO. The Seacoast in Prehistory
ANTH 129 PO. Native California
ANTH 54. Human Interactions with the Pre-Industrial Environment
ARHI 179 PO. Modern Architecture, City, Landscape, and Sustainability
BIOL 104. Conservation Biology
BIOL 112 PO. Advanced Animal Ecology
BIOL 41E PO. Introductory Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
CHEM 106 PO. Environmental Chemistry
EA 170 PO. U.S. Environmental History
EA 171 PO. Water in the West
EA 180 PO. Green Urbanism
EA 190 PO. EA Senior Seminar
EA 191 PO. Senior Research in Environmental Analysis
EA 27 PO. Cities by Nature: Time, Space, and Place
EA 50 PO. Introduction to Environmental Studies
EA 70 PO. Nature, Culture, and Society
EA 80 PO. Classical Readings in Environmental Studies
EA 85 PO. Farms and Gardens
EA 172 PO. Crisis Management: National Forests and American Culture
EA 99/199 PO. Reading and Research
ECON 125 PO. Natural Resource Economics and Policy
ECON 127 PO. Environmental Economics
ECON 128 PO. Energy Economics and Policy
ENGL 157. Nature and Gender: Reading Environmental Literature
GEOL 110 PO. Looking at the Earth: Using GIS and Images from Space to Explore our Environment
GEOL 125 PO. Earth History
GEOL 152 PO. Climate Change
GEOL 20C PO. Environmental Geology
GRMT 170 PO. The Culture of Nature
PHIL 036 PO. Values and the Environment
PHYS 17 PO.  Physics in Society: A Critical Analysis of Energy Policies
POLI 136 PO. Politics of Environmental Justice
POLI 178 PO. Political Economy of Development
POLI 60 PO. Global Politics of Food and Agriculture
POLI 61 PO. Global Politics of Water
PSYC 78 PO. Research in Environmental Psychology
RLST166A. The Divine Body: Religion and the Environment
SOC 55 PO. Population, Health, and Environment

Sustainability-Related Courses

AFRI 10A AF. Introduction to Africana Studies
ANTH 59 PO. Archeology
ARHI 51A/B/C PO. Introduction to the History of Art
ARHI 140 PO. Arts of Africa
ARHI 167 PO. Town, Castle, and Cathedral in France
ARHI 173 PO. Medieval and Renaissance City.
ARHI 178 AF PO. Black Aesthetics and the Politics of (Re)presentation
ARHI 185 PO. History of Photography
ART 5 PO. Drawing I
ART 20 PO. Photography I
ART 25 PO. Sculpture I
ART 105A PO. Drawing II: Abstractions: Pattern, Mapping, and Process
ART 105B PO. Drawing II: Explorations of Representation
ART 123 PO. Documentary Photography
ART 125 PO. Photography and the Politics of Representation
ART 126A PO. Sculpture II: Fabrication and the Body
ART 126B PO. Sculpture II: Casting: The One and the Many
ASAM 150 PO. Asian American Contemporary Issues
BIOL 1C PO. Biology of Garden Plants
BIOL 40 PO. Introductory Genetics
BIOL 116 PO. Ecology and Evolution of Plants
BIOL 131 PO. Invertebrate Biology with Laboratory
BIOL 132 PO. Vertebrate Biology with Laboratory
BIOL 144 PO. Comparative Endocrinology
BIOL 189L PO. Emerging Infectious Diseases
CHEM 001A PO. General Chemistry with Lab.
CHEM 001B PO. General Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 051 PO. Accelerated General Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 110A PO. Organic Chemistry
CHEM 110B PO, Organic Chemistry
CHEM 158B PO. Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHEM 161 PO. Advanced Analytical Chemistry with Lab
CHNT (Chinese in Translation) 167 PO. Urban Imaginations: The City in Chinese Literature and Film
CSCI 51 PO. Introduction to Computer Science
ECON 52 PO. Microeconomics
ECON 101 PO. Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 121 PO. The Economics of Gender and the Family
ECON 136 PO. Economic Development
ECON 153 PO. Urban and Regional Economics
ECON 154 PO. Game Theory for Economists
ECON 159 PO. Economics for the Public Sector
ENGL 89 PO. L.A. Stories
FREN 102 PO. Paris: Myth or Reality?
FREN 150B PO. Le Philosophe: Paradoxes of Nature
GEOL 20A PO. Introduction to Geology: Geohazards
GEOL 20B: Planetary Geology
GEOL 20D: Paleontology and the Evolution of the Earth's Biosphere
GEOL 20E: Oceanography
GEOL 115 PO. Hydrogeology
GWS 26 PO. Introduction to Women's Studies
HIST 17 CH PO. Chicana/o and Latina/o Histories
MATH 30 PO. Calculus I
MATH 31 PO. Calculus II
MATH 32 PO. Calculus III
MATH 60 PO. Linear Algebra
MATH 102 PO. Differential Equations and Modeling
MATH 107 PO. Vector Calculus
MATH 151 PO. Probability
MATH 152 PO. Statistical Theory
MATH 158 PO. Statistical Linear Models
MATH 181 PO. Dynamical Systems
MATH 183 PO. Mathematical Modeling
MATH 187 PO. Deterministic Operations Research
MS 49 PO. Introduction to Media Studies
MS 147D PO. Theories of the Visual
PHIL 1 PO. Problems of Philosophy
PHIL 031 PO. History of Ethics
PHIL 032 PO. Ethical Theory
PHIL 38 PO. Bioethics
PHYS 41 PO. General Physics with Laboratory
PHYS 42 PO. General Physics with Laboratory
PHYS 70 PO: Introductory Physics for Majors: Spacetime, Quanta, and Entropy with Laboratory
PHYS 71 PO: Introductory Classical Mechanics
PHYS 72 PO: Introductory Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 101 PO. Atomic and Nuclear Physics with Laboratory
PHYS 128 PO. Electronic with Laboratory
PHYS 174 PO. Contemporary Experimental Physics with Lab
PHYS 175 PO. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
POLI 3 PO. Introduction to American Politics
POLI 5 PO. Comparative Politics
POLI 35 PO. City of Angels, City of Quartz
POLI 36 PO. Urban Politics and Public Policy
POLI 44 PO. Race, Class, and Power
POLI 135 PO. Policy Implementation and Analysis
POLI 139 PO. Politics of Community Design
PPE 160 PO. Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being
PSYC 154 PO. Social Psychology
RS 040 PO. Religious Ethics
RUST 80 PO. Russian Literature and Culture from 1900 to the Present
SOC 162 PO. Mapping Inequality
SOCI 114 CH PO. Los Angeles Communities: Transformations, Inequality, and Activism