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Sustainability Research

Many Pomona faculty conduct sustainability-related research, which is defined as focusing on analytical, empirical, theoretical, and creative frameworks within which exist past, current, and future environmental issues. This research establishes relationships between diverse environmental, economic, and social factors. 

As of May 2014, the following faculty appear to be engaged in sustainability research:

Andrabi, Tahir: Economics
Auerbach, Lisa: Art
Beck, Colin: Sociology
Becker, David: Biology
Bernhard, Betty: Theatre
Brown, Eleanor: Economics
Buriel, Raymond: Psychology/Chicano Studies
Cartagena-Calderon, Jose: Romance Languages
Chandler, Gabe: Mathematics
Chavez-Silverman, Suzanne: Romance Languages
Cheng, Eileen: Asian Languages
Chin, Angelina: History
Chinn, Christopher: Classics
Crane, Edward: Chemistry
Crighton, Elizabeth: Politics
Cutter, Bowman: Economics
Davis, Ann: Philosophy
Eisenstadt, Oona: Religious Studies
Englebert, Pierre: Politics
Feldblum, Miriam: Politics
Foster, Lorn: Politics
Friedlander, Jennifer: Art
Gaines, Robert: Geology
Gladney, Dru: Anthropology
Gorse, George: Art
Goto, Sharon: Asian American Studies
Gravendyk Burial, Hillary: English
Green, Michael: Philosophy
Grigsby, Jill: Sociology
Grosfils, Eric: Geology
Hall, Jonathan: Media Studies
Hanzawa, Frances: Biology
Hazlett, Richard: Geology
Hoopes, Laura: Biology
Howe, Kathleen: Art
Hurley, Eric: Psychology/Africana Studies
Irish, Jerry: Religious Studies
Jackson, Phyllis: Art
Jolley, Meg: Dance
Jurewitz, John: Economics
Karnovsky, Nina: Biology
Kassam, Zayn: Religious Studies
Khazeni, Arash: History
Kim, Anna: Environmental Analysis
Kuehlwein, Michael: Economics
Kwok, Alfred: Physics
Lackey, Jade Star: Geology
Lemelle, Sidney: History
Levin, Rachel: Biology
Likens, James: Economics
Lozano, Fernando: Economics
Lu, Joyce: Theatre
Mahdavi, Pardis: Anthropology
Marks, Stephen: Economics
Martinez, Daniel: Biology
Mayes, April: History
Menefee-Libey, David: Politics
Miller, Char: Environmental Analysis
Miyake, Lynne: Asian Languages
Montenegro, Nivia: Romance Languages
Moore, Jonathan: Biology
Moore, Thomas: Physics
Ng, Zhiru: Biology
Ochoa, Gilda: Sociology/Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies
Olson, Sara: Biology
O'Malley, Michael: Art
Oxtoby, David: Chemistry
Paster, Mary: Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Perini, Laura: Philosophy
Pohl, Francis: Art
Portillo, Rose: Theatre
Rapaport, Jill: Sociology
Reinen, Linda: Geology
Rindisbacher, Hans: German
Runions, Erin: Religious Studies
Seery, John: Politics
Shay, Anthony: Theatre and Dance
Smith, Darryl: Religious Studies
Steinberger, Michael: Economics
Summers Sandoval, Tomas: History/Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies
Tanenbaum, David: Physics
Taylor, Charles: Chemistry
Thai, Hung: Asian American Studies
Thomas, Valorie: English/Africana Studies
Thompson, Suzanne: Psychology
Tinker Salas, Miguel: History/Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies
Tompkins, Kyla: English
Whitaker, Dwight: Physics
Williams, Heather: Politics
Wolf, Kenneth: History
Worthington, Richard: Politics
Wright, Jonathan: Biology
Yamashita, Samuel: History