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Transportation Efforts

The College's six folding bikes easily collapse for use in travel and public transit.

The College's student-run Green Bikes shop provides labor and parts, and checks out 60-80 bikes for free each semester.

There are 13 Zipcar shared cars for daily or hourly rental on campus, including hybrids.



  • Green Bikes This student-run program rents used bikes free of charge to students, repairs bikes with free labor, and hosts a variety of bicycling-related workshops and events designed to increase bicycling amongst the campus community. The program obtains bikes through donations and through the collection of bikes abandoned on campus at the end of the school year. See more info on the Green Bikes webpage.
  • Folding bikes check-out The College owns six folding bikes, which can be checked out through On The Loose during its Gear Room Hours and in a variety of other locations on campus (including the ATM room in the Campus Center). These bikes can be folded and taken on Metrolink and other public transportation options at any time (full-sized bikes can only be taken on during particular hours). These bikes are particularly helpful for students who have internships or other commitments in Downtown Los Angeles or other areas reached by the train.

Public Transit Use

  • Transit Guide Students have put together this transit guide [doc] to encourage students to use local public transportation. It includes information about available routes and interesting attractions along those routes.

Car Sharing/Carpooling

  • Zipcar program Pomona College has contracted with Zipcar car-sharing to provide rental cars for students on campus. For more information about membership eligibility, or to sign up, please go to http://www.zipcar.com/pomona/.
  • Rentable transportation for students The College provides a rentable passenger van and 25-passenger bus for individual students or groups needing transportation to the airport, events, shopping trips, etc. This reduces the need for students to bring cars to campus and encourages carpooling.
  • Local shuttle trips for students The College provides regularly scheduled free-of-charge shuttle trips to nearby grocery and other stores throughout the year. This reduces the need for students to bring cars to campus and encourages carpooling.
  • Rideshare Program for staff and faculty This program gives $2/day to employees who carpool, walk, bike, or use public transit and pays for up to $100 of monthly public transportation commuting costs.
  • Internship driving reduction The Career Development Office has put together a transportation program for the Pomona College Internship Program that encourages and provides incentives for carpooling, using public transportation, and walking or cycling to work. this includes a new partnership for 2009-10 with the Green Bikes program to provide bikes when PCIP participants need them.

Alternative Fuels

  • Claremont Biodiesel Initiative Students, faculty, and staff are in the process of determining whether quality biodiesel can be produced from Dining Services' used oil, to then be used in campus grounds vehicles.

Need Reduction

  • Faculty rental and home loan program The College owns 21 faculty rental units within one mile of campus, and the home loan program provides reduce rate mortgages for tenured and tenure-track faculty on properties within five miles of campus. living closer to campus reduces commute times and distances and facilities alternative transportation arrangements such as walking and biking.
  • Optimizing videoconferencing ITS has updated and expanded videoconferencing technology, which can reduce the need for in-person transportation. Departments including Philosophy have used this technology to conduct meetings and interviews where they otherwise would have had to travel.

Progress toward goals for 2020

The following table includes relevant objectives from the College's Sustainability Action Plan.

How we're doing - 2020 Goals
Data point08-0909-1010-112020 Objective
Campus fleet gas use (gallons) 5,059 10,819 5,392 4,300 gallons
(15% reduction over 08-09)
Single-occupancy vehicle commuting miles 2,403,269 3,298,269 2,912,583 2,163,588 miles
(10% reduction over 08-09)
Total commuting miles 3,610,133 4,827,418 4,030,235 3,429,848
(5% reduction over 08-09)
% vehicles alternatively fueled 1% 1% 2% 50%
Compliance with vehicle purchasing stds.  Yes Yes Yes Yes