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Green Building Standards

Pomona College maintains a set of Green Building Standards to help guide the construction and renovation of buildings and facilities. This policy is distributed to all contractors and architects working on new construction or major renovation projects. These standards require various analyses and modeling to be completed throughout the design and construction process and requires, as of 2010, that all new construction projects be built to LEED Gold-certified standards, focusing on and prohibiting the completion of certain LEED credits based on Pomona's values and priorities.

The College's first set of Green Buildings Standards was created in 2002-03. Coordinated with the creation of the College's Environmental Policy that same year, a small group of students worked with Campus Planning and Maintenance and the Board of Trustees to form a green building policy for the College.

These standards were recently updated as part of the College's Sustainability Action Plan process. You can see more about that Plan here.

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