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First piloted in 2013, the Eco-Reps program designates one student in each first-year dorm to serve as a resource for first-years to learn about living sustainably. Eco-Reps conserve energy in dorms by turning off unused lights and monitoring dorm temperatures, and teach residents about composting, recycling, and waste reduction. The program also helps spread the word about Sustainability Integration Office programs among first-years and holds themed events related to sustainable living.

Eco-Reps also run the Eco-Desk, a sustainability resource center located on North Campus in Walker Lounge.


2014-15 Eco-Reps

  • Check back for more information in the fall!

2013-14 Eco-Reps

  • Blaisdell: Davey Holmes '16
  • Gibson: Aidan Orly '16
  • Harwood: Madeline McGauhey '16
  • Lyon: Maritza Padilla '16
  • Mudd: Thom Trieu '16
  • Wig: Maddi Cowen '16
  • North Campus Eco Desk: Jamie Garcia '14 and Harry Mann '16


For more information or any questions, contact the Sustainability Integration Office at