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Campus Sustainability Data

Browse the Initiatives section of this site to get more information about current impacts and efforts to mitigate those effects. Here you can download data in a usable spreadsheet/database form for use in analysis and research. These files are updated a few times each year - if you need more updated numbers, please contact the Sustainability Integration Office at

Data Available to Download

NOTE: The data available below simply shows what type of data is available - for updated data, please email Thanks!

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  Emissions Inventory [xls]

  Building energy use [xls] (use the first two sheets in this file to compare buildings to each other and over time)
  Historic energy use, cost, and sources [xls]

  Historic water use and cost [xls]

  Historic waste tonnage, cost, and diversion rates [xls]

  2008-09 Commuting Data [xls] (methods, distances, trips)

Data for Academic or Extra-curricular Projects

Information is key to our efforts to reduce our environmental impacts. It's also a great tool to use in analyzing opportunities for future projects and programs. If you would like some data to use for an extra-curricular project, academic assignment, or project proposal, please contact the Sustainability Integration Office at