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Please contact the Sustainability Integration Office with questions about any of the following items. Most of the stickers, pamphlets, and guides are available printed from the Office - contact with any requests.


  2013-14 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf] (Nov. 2014) 

  2012-13 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf] (Sept. 2013)

  2011-12 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf] (Feb. 2013)

  2010-11 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf] (Oct. 2011)

  2009-10 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf]  (Sept. 2010)

  2008-09 Sustainability Annual Report [pdf]  (Sept. 2009)

  Sustainability Action Plan [pdf] (May 2011)

  Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Standards [pdf] (May 2011)

  Green Building Standards [pdf] (May 2011)

  Heating and Cooling Guidelines [pdf] (June 2013)

  2008-09 Greenhouse Gas Inventory [pdf]  (Sept. 2009)

  Climate Action Plan [pdf]  (Sept. 2009)

  2007 President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability Report [pdf]  (Spring 2007)

  2006-07 Greenhouse Gas Inventory [pdf] by Campus Climate Challenge (Spring 2007)

  Green Building Standards [pdf] (May 2003)


  The Little Green Book: A Guide to Sustainable Living at Pomona College [pdf]  (5th edition, August 2014)

  Campus Sustainability Tour [pdf] pamphlet (updated, July 2010)

  Dorm Room Energy Audit [pdf] card (updated, July 2010)

  A Quick Guide to Public Transit [pdf] pamphlet (July 2010)

  Green Purchasing Guide [pdf]  (March 2010)

  Pomona Students' Transit Guide [doc]  (Spring 2009)

  Hanging it Out on Campus: A Guide to Providing Line-Drying Options to College Students [pdf]  (Spring 2009)

  Edible Landscaping at the 5Cs map [pdf]  (Spring 2009)

Signs and Stickers

  Where Does Your Trash Go map [pdf] (September 2010)

  Where Does Your Trash Go? [pdf]  (updated, July 2010)

  Where Should You Put Your Waste? [pdf]  (updated, July 2010)

  Use Water Wisely mirror film (Oct. 2009)

  Lights Off lightplate sticker (Sept. 2009)

  Recycling Bin sticker (Sept. 2009)

  Compost Bin sticker [pdf]  (Aug. 2009)

  Pomona College Recycling Program card [pdf]  (July 2009)

  Doing Your Laundry the Green Way [doc]  (Spring 2009)

  General Laundry Tips [doc]  (Spring 2009)

  Q&A About Drying Racks [doc]  (Spring 2009)