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Getting Involved

The Green Bikes shop is just one source of sustainability-related jobs on campus.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved on campus. Here are a few:

  • Sustainability Integration Office The SIO often has opportunities to get involved with various projects and programs. Contact for more information.
  • Committees President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability, the ASPC Food Committee, and other similar sustainability-related committees often have openings for student involvement. Contact for more information.
  • Environmental Quality Committee The Environmental Quality Committee (EQC) is chaired by the ASPC Environmental Affairs Commissioner and engages in projects, programs, and events to advocate for campus sustainability. Contact the current Commissioner through the Pomona College Senate.
  • PEAR Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility (PEAR) is the main student environmental group on campus. See more about the group at their website.
  • The Pomona Organic Farm The Pomona Organic Farm is a 2.5-acre organic garden with both official academic field space and open field space for gardening and harvesting. The Farm includes hundreds of crops throughout the year, planted and harvested in a permaculture method. The Farm also includes one of the only Southern California examples of earth dome architecture techniques. All college community members are welcome to stop by the Farm and harvest whatever they like.
  • On The Loose On the Loose (OTL) is the Claremont Colleges Outdoors Club. See their website for more information.
  • Clean Sweep / ReCoop See their site here.
  • Green Bikes See their site here.
  • Other organizations Often, other campus organizations will get involved in sustainability projects. For instance, the group Claremont Consulting was the group that originally created a proposal for Zipcar car sharing on campus. If you have an idea for a specific project, the Sustainability Integration Office can help!
  • Start a new organization! PEAR, Clean Sweep/ReCoop, and Green Bikes have all been started in the last five years. Have an idea? You can start a group too!

There are also a variety of opportunities to get paid for sustainability-related work on campus. Here are just a few:

  • Sustainability Integration Office The SIO offers part-time work study positions during the year and full- or part-time positions during the summer. Contact for more information. Open positions will be listed on Route47.  
  • Green Bikes The Green Bikes program offers a small number of part-time positions to students with at least some basic experience and knowledge of bikes and bike repair. Open positions will be listed on Route47.  
  • ReCoop and Clean Sweep ReCoop and Clean Sweep provide part-time positions with minimal hours during the year to staff the ReCoop book room and various events, as well as nearly full-time positions for the week of Clean Sweep, spanning Commencement. Open positions will be advertised via email, Chirps, and other communication sources.
  • The Farm The Organic Farm hires students throughout the school year and the summer. Contact Farm Technician Juan Araya at for more information.
  • Other organizations Many other organizations, such as On The Loose and the Environmental Analysis Program, provide employment opportunities throughout the academic year and the summer. Keep an eye out for positions listed on Route47 and other listings.