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When Shopping

  • Think before buying. Do you really need the item, or can you do without? The planet and your wallet will thank you for reducing your consumption.
  • Fix it before you chuck it. Before buying a new item because the old one is broken, try to fix it yourself, or ask your neighbors if they can help.
  • Buy used. Shop at ReCoop, thrift stores, and garage sales to reuse!
  • BYOBag. "Paper or plastic? Neither! I choose cloth!" Or just ditch the bag all together and carry your items.
  • Shop local businesses. The Village and surrounding neighborhoods are full of locally-owned businesses - everything from cleaners ad pharmacies to restaurants and bike shops. Keep local in mind when choosing where to shop!
  • Shop at the Claremont Farmers Markets. Do you go to the store to by produce, hummus, bread, flowers, honey, jam, or dried fruit? Try buying these things and much more at Claremont's weekly Sunday morning farmers' market in the Village or other markets throughout the year.