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Interviews - On and Off Campus

Bixby Plaza

The Pomona campus is full of rich, beautiful architectural details like this fountain in Bixby Plaza.

Campus Interview Registration

Please click here for online interview registration.

High school juniors may begin to interview February 1, 2016.

Alumni Interview Request

The deadline for registering for an alumni interview has passed. The request form will become available in early fall for students applying for Fall 2016 admission.

Third Party Interview Request

The deadline for submitting a third party interview (InitialView, CIEE, Wake Forest Advantage, etc.) for Fall 2015 freshman applicants has passed.

The Admissions Committee suggests that all candidates interview with a member of the admissions staff or with an alumni representative of the College because we believe an interview is often an important part of your college selection process. We strongly recommend that all students who apply from Southern California interview on campus. Southern California students unable to interview on campus should contact the Office of Admissions.

An interview is a mutual exchange that allows the Admissions Committee to learn more about the candidate while the student learns more about the College. Interviews help make our candidates more three-dimensional and provide students an opportunity to discuss the choices they have made and their goals for college and beyond.

Interviews on campus are conducted by members of the admissions staff and by senior interviewers who have been selected and trained to assist our efforts. While an interview may be scheduled as early as the summer of the junior year, we generally recommend that freshman candidates wait until late summer before or the fall of their senior year in order to make the conversation more informative and current.

Interview Completion Dates

  • November 15, 2015 for Early Decision I candidates.
  • December 18, 2015 for Early Decision II and Regular Decision candidates.
  • Transfer applicants may interview at any time during the year up until February 25, 2016.
  • Students who are currently juniors in high school may begin to interview February 1, 2016.

To schedule an on-campus interview, please register online at least three weeks in advance—even earlier when scheduling an interview for December or January.

Alumni Interviews

First-year candidates who live outside Southern California and are unable to visit the campus for an interview may meet with a member of the Pomona College Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program in their area. The Admissions Committee makes no distinction between alumni interviews and those that take place on campus.

Requests for alumni interviews should be made by:

  • November 1 for Early Decision I candidates.
  • December 1 for Early Decision II and Regular Decision candidates.

Requests for the Class of 2019 are now closed. The request form will become available in early fall for the class of 2020. 

If you have already had an on-campus interview, or have one scheduled, you may not request an alumni interview.


International Student Interviews

International students are encouraged to interview with Pomona alumni. As an alternative to requesting an alumni interview, applicants may arrange an interview with a private service that conducts and records interviews. 

One such service, InitialView, conducts and records interviews either in-person (limited locations in China) or online via webcam (any country; see availability or learn more about InitialView here). We realize there is a cost for this service; please know that interviews are strongly recommended, but not required. In cases where the fee is prohibitive, fee waivers are available by contacting Other interview reports that Pomona accepts include CIEE (more information here) and the Wake Forest Advantage Program (more information here).

Deadline for InitalView, or other private-service interviews, to be sent to Pomona:

  • November 1 for Early Decision I candidates. 
  • January 1 for Early Decision II and Regular Decision candidates.

Important Reminders

  • The conversation will be reviewed by the Admissions Office, NOT by the interviewing service.
  • If you have already had, or have scheduled, an on-campus interview or an off-campus alumni interview, you may not submit an InitialView interview. 
  • If you are an international student living and attending high school in the United States, please schedule either an on-campus interview or an off-campus alumni interview.
  • The InitialView interview is not conducted by a Pomona staff member or alumnus; therefore, the interviewer will not be able to answer Pomona-specific questions.