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Standardized Testing Reporting

SAT and ACT Scores

Pomona College recommends that applicants submit all SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT scores from all test dates. The admissions committee will consider your highest section scores across all test dates.

Each time you submit scores, Pomona College will update your record with any new individual high scores. Sending your scores each time you take the tests can benefit you by allowing Pomona College to fully consider your application in the context of your best testing performance.

  • Pomona believes a full testing history, like a full transcript, provides context for a fair evaluation for each candidate. Pomona has a strong interest in reviewing all our candidates with straightforward and common standards, which includes the presentation of all academic work from all schools attended and includes test scores from all examinations. If different students use different rules, establishing a fair and common set of considerations is seriously challenged. We wish to create as level a playing field as possible for our candidates and believe that students who cannot afford repeated testing or test preparation courses should not be considered with a different battery of information.
  • We believe a full testing history allows students to present themselves in the most positive light in the admissions process. Sending all test scores allows admissions officers to "mix-and-match" scores (also known as "superscoring"). Providing a complete set of test scores allows our admissions officers to better understand a candidate’s strengths, and to evaluate a student in the most thorough and nuanced manner possible. 
  • We also hope this policy will discourage too much testing. Our recommendation typically is that students should test twice. Some students will find more comfort in a third testing but testing many times very rarely produces measurably different results. We believe time is better spent elsewhere.
  • Test scores are only one element in a very thorough application review process and only with exceptional rarity have test results been the final decision point in our considerations. We believe a full testing profile is a better way for a candidate to showcase his or her potential to thrive in our academic community, and allows our officers a better tool with which to advocate for applicants. 

The testing requirement applies equally to the ACT and the SAT and parallels our requirement that students submit full academic records for all schools attended.