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Inside Admissions

Ever wondered what REALLY goes on behind closed doors in the Admissions Office? Or wished you could be a fly on the wall during those Admissions Committee meetings? Well, here’s the next best thing! Our ‘Inside Admissions’ blog is designed to explore the world of admissions at Pomona, straight from the people who know. Our Admissions Officers and students will offer their insights every week, from the informational, to the fun and sometimes-obscure. Have questions? Feel free to comment on a post or email us at

Making Hard Decisions - One student's choice to transfer

March 17, 2014Making Hard Decisions - One student's choice to transfer

Senior interviewer Kuba shares his story - about his decision to transfer to Pomona College, and why it was the right decision for him.

New Year's Resolutions

January 14, 2014New Year's Resolutions

As the admissions officers retreat to their homes from reading season, they take a moment to share their resolutions for 2014.

...and Visions of Early Decision Danced in Their Heads

December 23, 2013...and Visions of Early Decision Danced in Their Heads

December means a lot of things to the members of the Office of Admissions, not the least of which is the excitement of Early Decision. Alaina offers a quick "peek" at the first members of the class of 2018, before she slips away to enjoy some eggnog.

Posse Selection: The Challenge of Self-Representation

December 20, 2013Posse Selection: The Challenge of Self-Representation

Tamina reflects on the Posse selection process, and the questions we all grapple with as we search for our place in the world.

'Tis the (Reading) Season

November 8, 2013'Tis the (Reading) Season

Today is another important benchmark in the admissions year cycle - the start of reading season! Art discusses what reading season means, and what the next few months will look like for admissions staff.

The New Kid on the Block

October 29, 2013The New Kid on the Block

One of our newest Admissions Officers, Michelle Gonzalez, writes about her first few months on the job - fears, challenges, and the satisfaction of working closely with students.

MSAP Weekend (aka Why Admissions is a Great Job)

October 8, 2013MSAP Weekend (aka Why Admissions is a Great Job)

One of the highlights of fall semester is our MSAP fall weekend - where we welcome students from around the country to explore our campus and get a taste of Pomona life. Admissions Officer Frances Nan talks about the program and why it's one of the most meaningful part of her year (and of the admissions cycle!).

Go south, young man (and please, eat something!)

October 4, 2013Go south, young man (and please, eat something!)

One of the most satisfying parts of the admissions officer job is the chance to travel, and to meet students and families from different parts of the country. Assistant Dean of Admissions Will Torres, just returned from his visits to several Southern states, full of good food and an appreciation for the warm welcome he received.

SURP-ing up a Pomona Summer

October 1, 2013SURP-ing up a Pomona Summer

Senior Interviewer Laura Perrone spent her summer as a research assistant in the Pomona College Child Attachment, Relationships, and Emotion (CARE) Laboratory. Her experience was one of many paid research opportunities available through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). Read about her experience, and the connections she formed with her faculty advisor and peers.

Senior Interviewer - Week One (What's it all About?)

September 17, 2013Senior Interviewer - Week One (What's it all About?)

One of the most important jobs in the admission office is that of the Senior Interviewer. These friendly, knowledgeable and passionate students are the public face of the College for many prospective applicants. They make it look easy, but as Kim Merrill, one of our newest Senior Interviewers points out, the first few days can be anything but a walk in the park.

We Call it "Travel Season"...

September 10, 2013We Call it "Travel Season"...

You've seen the posters, you've gotten the emails and postcards. The Admissions Officers are coming, and they'll be at your high school soon! Know by admissions folk as simply "travel season," fall finds skeleton crews at most admissions offices as staff leave to visit high school, attend college fairs, and to meet in person the students who may eventually become applicants. Joel shares his thoughts on what travel season means, and why every student should take advantage.  

Trolley Cars and Mountain Bikes

September 5, 2013Trolley Cars and Mountain Bikes

Admissions Officer and recent Pomona grad, Will Hummel, joined a group of first-year students on one of this year's Orientation Adventures. Read about his experience and the new perspective he gained from meeting former applicants in the "real world."

Welcome Class of 2017!

August 28, 2013Welcome Class of 2017!

In a day both steeped in tradition and brimming with the energy of a fresh start and endless possibilities, Pomona welcomed the newest class of Sagehens to campus on Friday. Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Seth Allen, welcomed them to campus along with President Oxtoby and Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum. Take a moment to read some highlights from Seth's speech, which outlines the remarkable set of students joining us this year.

Tell Us About Yourself: Easier Said than Done?

August 20, 2013Tell Us About Yourself: Easier Said than Done?

Who knew that the words "tell us about yourself" could inspire such anxiety and turmoil? Conor takes a look at those pesky college essays that ask you to help us get to know you, the idea of finding your voice (quite literally), and what he believes college admissions folks really want to read when they open your application.

A Land of Contrasts - College Admissions in China

August 12, 2013A Land of Contrasts  - College Admissions in China

Admissions Officer David Brunk reflects on his recent trip to China, and the complex people, past and future that plays into international college admissions.

In With the New...

August 5, 2013In With the New...

By now, you're probably aware that The Common Application launched a new version of their application on August 1st. There has been much anticipation for the new application, not only by students and guidance counselors, but also by all the admissions officers whose colleges use the application. This is only the fourth time that The Common Application has gone through a major overhaul, and considering the amount of information the application collects, this is no small feat.