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New Year's Resolutions

January 14, 2014

Big WIll hopes to make it back to Huntington Beach this year.

Julian: Take weekend trips to different locations in Los Angeles and eat a meal from this location's neighborhood food vendor.

Will H: I resolve to admit every student who uses my name in their essay!

Conor: This is not so much a resolution as it is a goal, but I'd love to get my solving time for the New York Times crossword puzzle (Wednesday level or less) down below 8 minutes. I competed in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (previously held in Stamford, CT and now in Brooklyn) a few years ago and got smoked by the competition. I noticed that you've got be sub-8 in the solving these easier puzzles in order to stand any shot of advancing.

Frances: My New Years resolution to share with the world: learn to make more of Grandma Nan's delicious Sichuan-style cooking.

Will T: Go surfing at least twice (I didn't surf in 2013 and I will never forgive myself).

Michelle: My New Year's resolution is to stay calm and super organized as I start to plan a wedding.

David: I resolve to never lose focus on the most important people in my life. 

Joel: I don’t really have any resolutions... I suppose I could resolve to make more resolutions? 

Art: Watch every episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Seth: Get to know the great state of CA by seeing a dozen new places.

Alaina's New Year's Resolutions Statements:
1. Organic potato chips are not health food
2. You are smarter than your cats
3. Candy Crush Saga is not "brain training"
4. Stevie Nicks will probably not play at your wedding
5. Its ok to be proud of replacing your own brake light
6. Embrace the joyous feeling you get when your CSA box arrives


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