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MSAP Weekend (aka Why Admissions is a Great Job)

October 8, 2013

MSAP students engage in a Q&A with professors Daniel O'Leary, Fernando Lozano and Cynthia Selassie, as well as current Sagehens about research, faculty accessibility, and the Pomona classroom experience.

Prospective student gets fountained on his birthday!

Our MSAP interns lead an icebreaker name game, “I Like To.” Chirp, chirp!

It's 3:00 a.m. and my alarm goes off: up and at 'em, it's the last day of our first MSAP Weekend! OK, so I’m a morning person… but my super early morning wake-up call is made easier by the fact that it’s MSAP Weekend. This program is my favorite time of year, with the joy of every gift-giving holiday or birthday you can think of rolled into one.

Every fall and spring, the MSAP Weekends bring first-generation to college, low-income, and/or minority background students to campus for a weekend of programming. Aside from a campus tour and information session, MSAPers get precious Q&A time with Pomona faculty and current students as well as interviews and workshops with admission and financial aid staff. In their spare time, they live with a Sagehen host, eat in the dining halls, catch classes, and explore campus activities.

For admissions officers, it’s so much easier to gauge “fit” in real life than just on paper. At the student/faculty panel, our MSAPers kicked off the Q&A with some tough questions: What makes the Pomona teaching experience different from other highly selective colleges? Where did faculty see instances of diversity changing their students’ classroom experience? How easy is it, really, to get research opportunities or facetime with professors? These are important issues that I hope every student is investigating at every college they go to, not just on Pomona’s Weekend.


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