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The New Kid on the Block

October 29, 2013

One of Michelle's first stops was in New Mexico, where she got to see the end of chile season.

Starting a new job is never easy. When I first started I was worried about how I would learn so much about Pomona. However, it was much easier than I thought. With the help of the admissions office team and the wonderful students I have met, I have been able to learn about the many opportunities and experiences Pomona has to offer. My worries began to slowly go away as I met more prospective students, talked to parents, and visited high schools. Each time I gained more confidence in what I knew about Pomona. Much of this confidence came from the positive feedback I received from students and their parents.

The question I get asked the most during school visits and college fairs is, "are you a Pomona alum?" At first I was nervous to answer, "no." However, I now realize it's an easy question for many students to ask to get a conversation started. Usually they just want to get to know you and learn more about the college. During travel I realized that the students I talked to all knew different information about the college. Gauging what they knew allowed me to share with them the information they needed in order to have a broader perspective about the college. Being able to share what Pomona has to offer, especially to underrepresented and underserved student population, has been a gratifying experience.

Part of my job description is doing Latino/a student outreach. For me, this is very meaningful because I have the opportunity of meeting and working with students who may not otherwise know what a liberal arts education is, the curricular and co-curricular opportunities available at Pomona, and the various resources that promote their academic success. Working at an institution that values diversity (among many other things) makes my job that much easier and enjoyable.

One of the perks of being an Admissions Officer, is the amazing people you meet, both on campus and on the road. I have not only had the pleasure of meeting students who have Pomona as their first choice, students who are eager to learn more about the college, and alumni who are excited to see me representing their alma mater at college fairs and school visits but also faculty and staff who work tirelessly to make students' experience at Pomona memorable.

Working as an Admissions Officer at Pomona gives me the opportunity to contribute to the efforts of the college of building a class that brings together students from different backgrounds, geographical areas, demographics, interests, passions and experiences, but most importantly, the desire to be a Sagehen!


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