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...and Visions of Early Decision Danced in Their Heads

December 23, 2013

As the year comes to a close, there are many traditions that folks in our admissions office engage in. Joel indulges his love of Christmas carols, Frances organizes the office Secret Santa, and I attempt to make jelly without scalding myself (success this year – persimmon peach!). One tradition we all look forward to, however, is selecting the first members of the new freshman class through our Early Decision 1 program. This is our first chance to interact with the year’s applicant pool, and to begin building what we believe is one of the finest student cohorts in the nation.

While we were pleased with a record number of applicants (a 44% increase over last year), it made this year’s task of choosing what turned out to be 94 admitted students more difficult than ever. The large, remarkably talented and qualified pool meant that our admissions officers spent many more hours identifying and selecting students who best embody the drive, adventurous nature, intellectual curiosity and collaborative spirit that defines the Pomona experience.

A few highlights from this first round of Early Decision include:

  • Admitted students come from 29 states and 3 foreign countries
    • 28% hail from California
    • 12% from the South
    • 12% from the Midwest
    • 17% from the Northeast
    • 12% from the Northwest
    • 14% from the remainder of western states
    • 6% from abroad
    • 31% identify as a domestic student of color
    • A little more than 6% are international students
    • Approximately 10% are first-generation college students

Of course, these statistics only begin to describe the rich diversity that these students bring to campus. Their stories ran the gamut - creative, serious, humorous and sometimes sad. What they all shared, however, was a common passion for their involvements, their communities, and their education.

We have a little break now, as we celebrate the holidays with friends and family. When we return, we immediately start working on the next rounds of applicants – Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision. If Early Decision 1 is any indication, we have our work cut out for us!

Best wishes and happy holidays!


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