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Students using the write-on walls in Edmunds Hall
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Kiplinger's Quote

Many factors go into making a Pomona College education special, including stimulating academics, passionate students, accessible faculty, an active campus, a unique consortium and a resource-rich setting. The result is world of possibilities. Each student delves into those possibilities to create her or her own unique educational experience. It’s what makes Pomona such an awesomely stimulating place to learn. But it also means that it takes some time and some exploration to appreciate the many dimensions of the Pomona experience.

In these pages, we invite you to explore Pomona in a variety of slightly unexpected ways:

10 Questions

Pomona’s admissions counselors put together this list of the 10 most helpful questions, posed in their own unique style.

47 Things [pdf]

This list of 47 things every student should do before graduating from Pomona is designed to encourage Pomona students to break out of the “Claremont Bubble,” but it will also give you a sense of the wide range of adventurous opportunities that Southern California offers.

Facts and Figures

If you like to keep things simple, then here is Pomona College in a set of straightforward facts and figures that you can use in your college comparisons.

The Right Questions

In four short videos, Pomona students offered their own answers to some of the most revealing questions about the College.

What the College Guides Say

Here’s a quick compendium of some of the lavish praise Pomona continues to receive from various college guides.

Who Goes to Pomona?

Take a look at the map of the world showing the hometowns of current Pomona students. Click on a pin to see how many students come from that location.

Pomona Live

Pomona students created this lively video version of a campus tour, complete with a guide walking backwards.

The Viewbook [pdf]

If you want to delve into an electronic copy of Pomona’s viewbook, you can download it here.