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What the College Guides Say

By the Numbers
2 Ranking in Forbes 2013 "America's Top Colleges"
4 Ranking in US News and World Report's Best National Liberal Arts Colleges List
1 Ranking among liberal arts colleges for endowments per student
3 Ranking among colleges by numbers of Fulbright Fellowships to the class of 2011
18 Ranking among small colleges for 2012 graduates participating in the Teach for America program

Kiplinger's Personal Finance's Best Values in Private Colleges (2011-2012)

"Pomona provides its students with a top-quality education in a setting that snowbound Ivy Leaguers can only dream of. This small school, with some 1,500 students, faces the stunning San Gabriel Mountains and basks in the Southern California sun. Almost all of its freshmen return for sophomore year, a sure sign of happy campers, and 90% of its seniors graduate on time, sparing their parents the expense of a fifth year. As for financial aid, if you need it, you get it." Read the Kiplinger's Best Values in Colleges issue.

The Insider's Guide to the Colleges 2013

"This small liberal arts college tucked into Southern California boasts 'very curious and passionate students' and a location that's 'one hour from snow, one hour from the beach and one hour from Disneyland. As one of the members of the Claremont College Consortium, the college is able to have the benefits of an undergraduate focus without sacrificing the resources of a large research university. Combining strong academics, an idyllic setting and an intimate atmosphere, Pomona boasts some of the happiest students in the country.'"

"Students at Pomona say their classes are 'demanding,' but that they ultimately have a lot of freedom to design their own educations." "In general students say the workload is intense but 'open-ended,' with much more collaboration than competition. 'It's definitely challenging, but it's never too much.'" "You get a lot of collaboration here." "Students at Pomona frequently mentioned having casual meals with their professors[and] getting advanced research opportunities as underclassmen."

"'The smart, and personable people you will meet at Pomona and love for the rest of your life—that’s really the best thing about it,' declared a student." "As one senior said, 'There are so many instances where I've had a conversation with someone and they’ve surprised me in so many ways and made me realize how good people can be.'"

The Princeton Review: The Best 377 Colleges (2013)

"Pomona students are 'ridiculously happy' about their lot in life, and why shouldn't they be? They're living in a "perfect world full of intelligent, engaging, and open individuals, amazing academics, brilliant opportunities to get involved in, and enough sunshine to make anyone happy to be alive."

"Students have the advantage of 'getting to know professors outside the classroom, in any setting, from office hours, to Thanksgiving dinners at their homes.'"

"'The professors are, for the most part, fantastic–engaging, creative, and sharp.' 'There is an emphasis on collaborative learning,' and 'Many professors are really great discussion leaders and really motivate students to get involved in class.' Between department barbecues, parties, and weekend retreats, by the time you're an upperclassman, you will know most of the professors in your major department quite well.' In complement to the intimate atmosphere, Pomona 'offers the resources of a large university' through Claremont Consortium, which offers joint events and cross-registration with four adjoining colleges. Among other programs, 'Pomona pays for students to take otherwise unpaid internships.'" Visit The Princeton Review

Fiske Guide to Colleges (2013)

"Classes are small at Pomona—71 percent have 19 or fewer students—and the faculty makes a point of being accessible. It’s not uncommon for professors to hold study sessions at their houses," the Guide says. "Pomona professors are bright, enthusiastic, and highly respected leaders in their respective fields," a student says. "An ever-popular take-a-professor-to-lunch program gives students free meals when they arrive with a faculty member in tow."

"Pomona offers a unique and desirable juxtaposition of rigorous academics and comfortable social atmosphere," says a student. Another student says, "Once you take advantage of the five-college system, you realize how cool it is.'" "I appreciate the diversity and depth that the five-college community brings to the social life," says [another] student. "You are guaranteed to meet new and interesting people whenever you step off campus."

"The strongest link in an extremely attractive chain, Pomona continues to symbolize the rising status of the Claremont Colleges—and the West in general—in the world of higher education." Visit the Fiske Guide to Colleges