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Who Goes to Pomona?

Pomona is proud to welcome students from nearly all 50 states as well as students from dozens of foreign countries in each incoming class. Take a moment to explore the map below to get a sense of where our students call home. The pins are color-coded:

  • Blue - Class of 2014, 
  • Green - Class of 2015, 
  • Yellow - Class of 2016 
  • Purple the Class of 2017
  • Pink - Class of 2018

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There is no such thing as a “typical” Pomona College student. All Pomona students have a few important things in common—most importantly, academic ability and an interest in doing something meaningful with their lives—but in most other ways, they are as varied as they are talented. They come to Pomona from every state in the Union and from around the world—from large cities, suburban areas and rural corners that don’t appear on any map. They come from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and from almost every imaginable kind of school, and they bring with them a wide range of interests and aptitudes.