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Senior Interviewers

Elizabeth Rangel

Hometown: El Centro, CA

Major(s): Psychology

Favorite spot(s) in Claremont: Psychology library in the Lincoln-Edmunds building

Favorite class at Pomona: Neuropsychology (PSYC 143) with Professor Lewis and Professor Weekes. This was the class that made me want to become a Psych major! These two incredible professors not only taught me more about the neural underpinnings of behavior, but also instilled a great passion for understanding the mind.  

Activities: Tour guide, volunteer for Inland Valley Hope Partners, mentor for the Psychology Department, past research assistant for Professor Weekes

Kevin Tidmarsh

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Major(s): International Relations

Favorite Spot in Claremont: Sontag Rooftop Garden at sunset/dusk

Favorite class at Pomona: American Democracy in Theory and Practice with Susan McWilliams. In addition to being the class that changed the way I thought about politics, it was also an eight-person seminar class that I got into my first year.

Activities: Editor-in-chief at The Student Life (TSL), member of Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC)committees, KSPC newscaster, ESL tutor with the Draper Center, past first-year sponsor and International Relations department tutor

Auzzie Sheard IV

Hometown: Visalia, CA

Major(s): Politics Major, Middle East Studies minor

Favorite Spot in Claremont: The Walker basketball court and the Honnold-Mudd Library patio 

Favorite Class at Pomona: Comparative Politics because it offered a chance to explore multiple political systems. It blew my mind to learn about the strong relation between structure and function that gets lost when you focus on everyday politics and government elites. 

Activities: RA, Multi-faith Service Council, Quest Scholar, Pomona-Pitzer Intervarsity Fellowship, previously UpwardBound Tutor and CGIE Tutor.

Khyle Eastin

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: International Relations - Conflict Resolution

Favorite Spot On campus: Cold weather: The Religious Studies department library, history department library, Pitzer study rooms. Warm weather: The tables outside of Pearsons, the tables behind Big Bridges, The Honnold-Mudd library outdoor Patio facing CMC.

Favorite Class at Pomona: The Holy Fool: Comic, Ugly, Madness (RLST080) with Professor Darryl Smith. Selected as the fun class for my first semester at Pomona, Prof. Smith did a miraculous job of creating a space for all students in the class to engage with otherwise extremely abstract philosophical inquiries and issues. Prof. Smith and the class made me briefly consider pursuing a Religious Studies major instead of one in International Relations.

Activities: [Current] Building Leaders On Campus (BLOC); [Previous]:  Study Abroad: SIT - Amman, Jordan (Fall 2014), Study Abroad: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Spring 2015), The Student Life Newspaper, The Claremont Portside Magazine, Honnold-Mudd Library (Work Study), Claremont Men's Ultimate, Oldenborg Resident - Chinese hall.

A select group of senior students join the admissions staff every year as "senior interviewers." When you visit campus and have an interview, there's a good chance you'll meet with one of these exceptional students. Please take advantage of the opportunity to ask them questions about their time at Pomona; they're one of your best resources!