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Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Tour Guide

Applications to become a fall semester tour guide will be available in late summer. 

Become an Overnight Host

Applications to be a fall semester overnight host will be available in late summer. 

Become a Take Pomona Home Volunteer

To sign up to volunteer as a Take Pomona Home ambassador, please fill out the TPH volunteer form.

Helpful AAV Information

Current Student Volunteer Opportunities

Serving as a student ambassador through the Admissions Office can enable you to help prospective students and their families gain valuable insight about what it’s like to be a student at Pomona, and it’s a way for you to help shape the Pomona community and meet your potential new classmates. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic, responsible, and have strong communication skills. Students are able to apply and commit to more than one ambassador program. A semester’s commitment is required (except as noted). The following positions are currently available:

Campus Tour Guide

Tour guides lead visitors on an hour-long tour of the campus. By the end of the semester you will have mastered the fine art of walking backwards, developed public speaking skills, and will know more about Pomona than you could possibly imagine. The position requires that you make a weekly commitment to lead at least one tour. Responsibilities include:

  • Leading at least one tour per week
  • Volunteering to help lead special tours
  • Attending a mandatory training session

Overnight Hosting

Every year, roughly ten percent of Pomona's applicants visit campus and stay overnight in a residence hall with a current student.  Visitors who enjoy their time here (most love it!) will tend to enroll if admitted. First year students often make the best hosts because they share much in common with prospective students and usually have an innate sense of the college jitters that their guests may feel. Responsibilities include:

  • Hosting prospective students throughout the academic year
  • Attending a mandatory training session
  • Ensuring a safe and productive visit for our overnight guests


Take Pomona Home

This should be a fun way for you to share your Pomona College experience when you go back home with high school students seeking some clarity in the college search process. The Admissions Office does not expect you to be an expert on admissions. Instead, approach this visit as a way to give the inside scoop on how you found Pomona, why you chose it, and how your experience has panned out. Responsibilities include:

  • Prepare a presentation to your high school for a break or return home
  • Attending a mandatory training session



Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

The Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program (AAV) is a crucial component of Pomona’s overall admissions effort. AAVs serve in several capacities, ranging from interviewing students regionally, calling to congratulate admitted students, attending local college fairs, to hosting or attending receptions for admitted students. The AAV program gives alumni of all ages a chance to shape the next generation Sagehens. Listed below are the various ways in which to participate:


Alumni Admissions Volunteers can opt to interview students who cannot travel to Claremont to interview on campus. Pomona interviews are fairly conversational and generally last between thirty and forty minutes each. Interviews are typically conducted at a public place, such as a coffee shop. Alumni send reports to the Office of Admissions for each interview conducted which become part of an applicant’s official file. Alumni send reports to the Office of Admissions for each interview conducted. Alumni interviews take place primarily between the months of September and January. On average, alumni interviewers interview 4-6 students each fall.

Speak with Prospective Students

Contact (or be contacted by) prospective students who wish to speak with an alum to learn more about the Pomona experience. For instance, we may reach out to you if a student is interested in hearing more about a particular major option or career path that may be in line with your experience.

Call and Congratulate Admits

Telephone or write to up to six admitted students from your area during the month of April. Alumni offer students their congratulations and offer to answer questions about Pomona.

Attend College Fair Programs

Represent Pomona College at local high school fairs. Join other college representatives in a school gymnasium or other public space to talk with local students and parents. College representatives generally sit at tables while parents and students walk around and gather information about various colleges. The Office of Admissions mails you a supply of brochures and handouts prior to the event. Most fairs last about two to three hours and take place in the fall and spring. After attending a fair, alumni volunteers fill out a college fair evaluation form to tell our office about their experience. The Alumni Volunteer Handbook provides more information about what to expect when attending a college fair.

Admitted Student Receptions

Each year the Office of Admissions hosts informal gatherings of alumni and admitted students in various cities around the country. The receptions are usually held at the home of an alumni volunteer, and we also invite active AAVs within that region to attend. Alumni may also volunteer to help with refreshments, with RSVP’s, or with encouraging other alumni to attend.