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Lost Alumni

Below is the list of lost alumni from reunion year classes without contact information on file with the College. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please encourage them to update their information online. Otherwise, you can contact, or have them contact, the Alumni Office at 1-888-SAGEHEN or with their updated contact information, so that they will receive information about their upcoming reunion. You can also ask them to click here to go directly to the reunion registration page.

Last updated on 3/20/14

Class of 1964 Class of 1969 Class of 1974
Darien Neufeld
Concepcion Price

Godfrey Kabeba
Donn C. Willson
Carl M. Brodie
Steven R. Dawson
David C. Horwedel
Bonita C. Houston
Robin J. Sacolick
Class of 1979 Class of 1984 Class of 1989
Laurence J. Lipsky-Chouchana
J. Wendolynn Sackett
Christopher G. Schmich
Roger J. MacDonell
Tareef Shawa
Douglas F. Shepherd
Charles A. Annis
Eric G. Belland
Class of 1999 Class of 2004  
Hei Chan Andrea Lievana-MacTavish