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Inspirational Young Alumni Award

The Inspirational Young Alumni Award was established to honor a young alumnus or alumna (graduate of the last decade) in recognition of dedication, perseverance and consistency in following their vision of the inscription on the College Gates: "They only are loyal to this college who departing, bear their added riches in trust for mankind." The winner is invited to return to campus for a short visit to interact with students in a mutually meaningful manner.

The Alumni Office receives nominations for the Inspirational Young Alumni Award from various sources: alumni, parents, faculty and staff of the College. The nominees' information is given to a committee of current students for their review. This student selection committee then discusses the candidates' highlights and talents and makes the final decision.

2014 Recipient

Francine Segovia '04

Past Recipients

2013: Maggie Fick '07

2012: Elena Shih '04

2011: Jane Chen '00

2010: Maia Sophia Campbell '01

2009: Melvin Yee '00

2008: Janelle Lin '00

2007: Maria Luz Garcia '01

2006: Emily Arnold-Fernandez '99

2005: Enriqueta Ramirez '00

2004: David Holmes '97

2003: Cuc Vu '92

2001: Loriq Charkoudian '95

2000: Casey Trupin '95

1999: Karin Zaugg '93

1998: Ed Tessier '91

1997: Martina Vandenberg '90

1996: Gretchen Berland '86