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Alumni Communities

What is a listserv?

A listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows a single e-mail message to be sent to many recipients, and there are two types of listservs in use by the College. The first is a moderated listserv, in which individuals send messages to a moderator, who is the only person authorized to send a message out to the list. The second type is an un-moderated listserv, in which all list subscribers are authorized to send a message to the entire list. In general, regional listservs are moderated by a local alumni volunteer, and class listservs are un-moderated. Upon subscribing to a list, you will receive a welcome message as confirmation of your subscription.

Subscribe to a listserv

From the earliest days of Pomona, alumni have chosen to stay connected to the College and each other. In fact, the formation of the Alumni Association was the first act of the first class after receiving their degrees in 1894, and annual reunions began almost immediately. Today this tradition continues with not only Alumni Weekend, but also with more than 100 alumni events held annually on campus and throughout the world. In this electronic age, however, alumni interactions are not limited to face-to-face meetings, as listservs and web pages strengthen alumni connections through online communities.