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Dance at Pomona

In the Pendleton Dance Studio
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The Department of Dance and Theatre

Visit the official website of the Dance and Theatre Department.

Watch Videos of Our Dance Classes

Watch videos of jazz, modern and ballet dance classes on the Dance Department's YouTube channel.

The Dance Program at Pomona, which exists as part of the Theatre and Dance Department, offers a modern dance-based curriculum supported by courses in ballet, history, theory and several cultural styles. Classes include techniques like modern dance, ballet, world dance, hip hop, Balkan dance, Balinese dance, and Indian Classical dance. In addition, Pomona offers a wide range of courses in composition, repertory, anatomy, and body disciplines that support a healthy approach to physical expression and daily habit.  A coordinate relationship with Scripps College Dance Department ensures that a broad range of courses is offered every semester and that throughout their four years, students are introduced to a variety of styles and approaches.

Any student from the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges may take dance classes and audition for dance productions, regardless of their major. There are performing opportunities throughout the year, like “In the Works” (the Pomona/Scripps Fall Concert), the Scripps Spring Dance Concert, the Pomona Spring Dance Concert, and “Fast Forward”, the student-organized concert at the end of the year.

Both Pomona’s and Scripps’ programs offer opportunities to work with guest artists as well as faculty and senior majors.  Recent guests include Dai Jian (Shen Wei Dance Arts, Trisha Brown Dance Company), modern dance choreographer Marjani Forte, and the Martha Graham Dance Company. Auditions for participation in these concerts are open to any student of the five Claremont Colleges.

Within the major, there are two areas of emphasis: Performance Studies and Movement Studies. The performance emphasis, which requires technique study at the advanced level, culminates in a senior choreography/performance project, while the movement studies emphasis culminates in a senior project/written thesis that may or may not involve performance. 


The Gladys Shepard Pendleton Dance Studio, named in honor of Mrs. Morris B. Pendleton ’22, is located at the south end of the Pomona College campus. This facility includes two fully equipped dance studios (one a studio theatre), dressing rooms, a classroom/rehearsal studio and offices for the dance faculty.

Outside the Classroom

There are many opportunities for students to learn different styles of dance and to connect with other dance lovers. 5C dance clubs include such styles as belly dance, Hula, Kpop (Korean pop music), Bollywood, swing, Contra, Flow Arts (hooping, poi, etc.), step, salsa, hip hop, and more.

The award-wining Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company has more than 130 dancers, and encourages and inspires students to develop their competitive and theatrical dance skills at a national level. Members of the CCBDC audition and the Company offers different levels of participation, including the Beginning Team, the Campus Team, and the Touring Team. Non-CCBDC members can still learn ballroom dance through seven courses taught in Pomona’s Physical Education Department, including Beginning Social Dance, Beginning/Intermediate International Standard Dance, and Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Latin Dance.

In addition to competing in regional and national contests, the CCBDC presents several large events each year, including their spring concert and fall Black and White Ball, and members are often found on campus providing dance demos during events like Founders Day and Alumni Weekend.