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Faculty Accomplishments - November 2012

Scholarly Talks and Lectures

At the VI National Congress of Anthropological Investigations in Peru held at the National University of the Altiplano in Puno in October, Ralph Bolton (Anthropology) gave a keynote address: "The Life of an Anthropologist on the Peruvian Altiplano: Reflections and Memories, 1962-2012.” Bolton was co-author on a paper, "Using Improved Stoves to Reduce Lower Respiratory Infections in Women and Children," presented at the 140th annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, held in San Francisco the last week in October. At the same meeting, he was a co-author on two posters: "Partnering to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Peruvian Altiplano" and "Achieving Better Indoor Air Quality Through Improved Biomass-Burning Stoves.”

Raymond Burkhart (Music) delivered the paper "American Women's Brass Quartets Before 1900: 'Clever, versatile, and fair to look upon'" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of the Second International Historic Brass Symposium in July.

Paul Cahill (Romance Languages and Literatures) was invited to present a paper titled "'Entre rostros extraños que me ignoran': bulto, hueco y exilio en Tabula rasa de Jenaro Talens" at the “Poéticas para el Siglo XXI: Extrañeza, extranjería, migración” symposium held at the University of Texas, Austin, on 27 October.

Susana Chavez-Silverman (Romance Languages and Literatures) gave a reading and a talk, “(He)art in the Interstices: Living with the Question,” at UC Santa Barbara on 24 October.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) presented the paper "Zacharie Astruc, touche-à-tout des vaches maigres" at the 38th annual Nineteenth Century French Studies Colloquium in Raleigh, North Carolina, on 13 October. She also organized and chaired the session "Ni gloire, ni renommée, ni postérité : d'un tiers littéraire.”

Steve Erickson (Philosophy) was discussion leader at the Liberty Fund colloquium "Liberty and Responsibility in the Founding of Bioethics," 25-28 October in Houston.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) presented two talks at the Mathematical Association of America, Ohio Section, meeting 19-20 October at Baldwin Wallace University: the after-dinner address "Mirror Image Symmetry from Different Viewpoints" and the plenary address “Topological Symmetry Groups.”

Terri Geis (Museum of Art) presented "On the Borderlands of Laughter and Fear: Non-Western Influences in the Art of the Women Surrealists" at the symposium "Artistas Mujeres y Surrealismo" held 9-10 October at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. As part of the symposium she also participated in a public discussion on the history of scholarship on women artists affiliated with surrealism.

Nina Karnovsky (Biology) presented the paper, "The at-sea behavior of Scripps's murrelets around Santa Barbara Island, CA," at the California Islands Symposium in Ventura, California, 23-25 October. She also chaired the session on seabirds at the symposium.

Zayn Kassam (Religious Studies) gave a talk on "Representing Muslims" in a panel on Race and Religion at the Golden Gate at the Chapel of the Great Commission, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California, on 30 October. The panel was organized to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Ben Keim (Classics) delivered a paper, "Athens and the Ghost of Empire," during the Southern California Friends of Ancient History meeting at UC Santa Barbara on 27 October.

Alma Martinez (Theatre & Dance) conducted the workshop "Transcultural/national Strategies for Producing in Mexico" at the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture conference in Philadelphia on 19 October. She attended the workshop "Acting and Auditioning for TV," taught by Michael Cohen, at the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union offices in West Los Angeles on 29 August.

Mary Paster (Linguistics & Cognitive Science) presented a paper, "Diachronic Origins of Allomorphy," at the Workshop on Locality and Directionality at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface at Stanford University on 12 October.

Laura Perini (Philosophy) gave a lecture titled "Why Less is More: Reasoning with Diagrams in the Life Sciences" to the UC San Diego Cognitive Science Seminar on 12 October.

Frances Pohl  (Art & Art History) presented the lecture "Francis Henry Taylor and Cultural Diplomacy in Latin American During World War II" at the Association of Historians of American Art Symposium on "American Art: The Academy, Museums, and the Market" in Boston on 12 October.

Hans Rindisbacher (German & Russian) gave two conference presentations in October: “Updating Heidi: Five Decades of Swissness. Johanna Spyri’s Novel in Film” at the German Studies Association annual conference in Milwaukee, 4-7 October, and “Gustav Jaeger - Breathing, dressing, and the essence of being” at Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association annual conference in Seattle, 19-21 October.

Monique Saigal (Romance Languages and Literatures) gave 10 presentations in and around Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland from 26 September to 11 October on her experience as a hidden Jewish child during WWII and the women whom she interviewed for her book Women in the French Resistance 1940-1945; locations for her talks included the Ringhouse and Congregation Har Tzeon in Maryland; the Ingleside Center and Cosmos Club in DC; and at the Rotary Club, La Côte d’or restaurant, the Philanthropic Educational Organization, Goodwin House, and the Arlington Unitarian Church in Virginia. She gave similar presentations at the Osher Lifelong Institute in Irvine on 16 October and for the Laguna Woods Jewish community on 25 October. She also showed a documentary she made about seven of the women she interviewed for her book at the Osher Lifelong Institute in Irvine on 25 October.

On 22 October, John Seery (Politics) delivered a college-wide address, "The Moral Center of a Small Liberal Arts College," at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, under the auspices of the Robert and Joyce Johnson Center for Faculty Development and Excellence in Teaching.

Shahriar Shahriari (Mathematics) was an invited speaker at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, on 11 September. His talk was titled "On the Combinatorics of Linear Lattices."

Michael Steinberger (Economics) presented his work, "The Sexual Orientation Wage Gap for Racial Minorities," at a research seminar at UCLA on 2 October.

Samuel Yamashita (History) delivered "Using Diaries and Letters to Reconstruct Homefront Life in Wartime Japan" at the Summer 2012 Teacher Institute program "World War II: How It Transformed America, the Pacific and Asia," held in Honolulu in July.


David Arase (Politics) published "India-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia" in the Foreign Policy Research Journal 12 (Focus: India-Japan Relations).

Allan Barr (Asian Languages and Literatures) compiled, edited and translated This Generation: Dispatches From China’s Most Popular Literary Star (and Race Car Driver) (Simon & Schuster, 2012), a compilation of blog posts by the Chinese author Han Han.

Gabe Chandler (Mathematics) co-authored, with Wolfgang Polonik of UC Davis, the article "Mode Identification of Volatility in Time-Varying Autoregression" in the Journal of the American Statistical Association 107:499.

Edward Copeland’s (English) book The Silver Fork Novel: Fashionable Fiction in the Age of Reform (Cambridge University Press, 2012) was published in June.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) is the author of "L'Audace du jaune" in Romantisme 157: Les couleurs au XIXe siècle, pp. 65-73.

“How to be a good teacher is an undecidable problem,” a 2011 College Mathematics Journal article by Erica Flapan (Mathematics), was included in the volume The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012 (Princeton University Press, 2012), edited by Mircea Pitici.

Terri Geis (Museum of Art) published a book chapter: "My Goddesses and My Monsters: Maria Martins and Surrealism in the 1940s" in Debates on Surrealism in Latin America: Vivisimo Muerto (Getty Research Institute, 2012), edited by Dawn Ades, Rita Eder and Graciela Speranza.

Meg Jolley (Theatre & Dance) reported on a colleague's workshop in an article published in the Fall 2012 edition of the AmSAT Journal, the professional journal for theAmerican Society for the Alexander Technique.

Adam Pearson (Psychology) co-wrote, with J.F. Dovidio, the article “Intergroup fluency: How processing experiences shape intergroup cognition and communication” in Social Cognition and Communication (Psychology Press, 2012), edited by J. Forgas, J. Laszlo and O. Vincze.

Laura Perini (Philosophy) wrote "Image Interpretation: Bridging the Gap from Mechanically Produced Image to Representation" in International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 2:1, and "Truth Makers or Truth Bearers" in Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science 6:1.

Frances Pohl (Art & Art History) published the essay "American Art, Museum Exhibitions, and National Identity: Problems and Promises" in the exhibition catalogue Behold America! Celebrating Three Centuries of Art in the United States from Three San Diego Museums (San Diego Museum of Art, 2012).

Hans Rindisbacher (German & Russian) had a review essay published in the October edition of Kulturpoetik 12:2, pp. 281-284: Friedmar Apel,Das Auge liest mit: Zur Visualität der Literatur (München: Hanser, 2010). He also published a book review (in Russian) of a fashion history written in French: Larissa Zakharova, S’habiller à la soviétique: La mode et le Dégel en URSS (Paris, France: CNRS Éditions, 2011) in Теория Моды(Fashion Theory) 24, pp. 245-249.

Rick Worthington (Politics, Public Policy Analysis) is the co-author of a policy report, "World Wide Views on Biodiversity: From the World's Citizens to the Biodiversity Policymakers," presented at a side event and a special event at the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity Eleventh Council of Parties in Hyderabad, India, 17-18 October.

Samuel Yamashita’s (History) article "The Early Life and Thought of Ito Jinsai (1627-1705)," which first appeared in the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies in 1984, was included in W. J. Boot's Critical Readings in the Intellectual History of Early Modern Japan (Brill, 2012).

Exhibitions and Performances

In May, Raymond Burkhart’s (Music) composition, "Isle of Colours," which was commissioned by the nonprofit academic journal Annual Reviews, was premiered in Stanford, California, by the Premiere Brass Quintet on a program devoted entirely to his compositions. In June, his hymn, "Josephine," was premiered at the annual meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. In August, his work, "Serenity," was premiered by Dr. Steven Gross and Julie Callahan Gross in the opening concert of the 5th National Horn Workshop in Kimberley, South Africa, and the California Philharmonic Brass Quintet devoted half of its recital at The Old Mill in San Marino, California, to Burkhart’s compositions. In September, he conducted the premiere of Tom Flaherty's "Pomona 125" at Pomona College's Opening Convocation.

Genevieve Lee (Music) recorded Kurt Rohde’s “One: For speaking pianist on texts of Jakob Stein” for the new CD, ONE, just released by Innova Records. In October, she appeared in the opening concert of Jacaranda's music series in Santa Monica as part of an ensemble performing Steve Reich's "City Life."

L.A. Theatre Works Radio Theatre Series re-transmitted the 2003 Pulitzer Prize winning play Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz, featuring Jimmy Smits, Herbert Siguenza and Alma Martinez (Theatre & Dance), on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 99.5 FM Ridgecrest/China Lake, and 93.7 FM Rancho Bernardo/North San Diego on 7 October.

Sandeep Mukherjee’s (Art & Art History) solo art exhibition, “New Work,” is at Brennan & Griffin in New York City, 21 October - 25 November.

Leonard Pronko (Theatre & Dance), in his role as program chair of the Friends of the Petterson Museum, produced an Afternoon of Kabuki Dance at Pilgrim Place on 21 October. The performers were "disciples" of the distinguished dance teacher, Fujima Kansuma (Pronko's first dance teacher), and performed three classics in full costume, make-up and wigs to a delighted full house. Pronko introduced the performance and each of the dances.

Honors and Awards

Lisa Anne Auerbach (Art and Art History) received the City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellowship for 2013.

Ralph Bolton (Anthropology) was honored at the VI National Congress of Anthropological Investigations in Peru held at the National University of the Altiplano in Puno in October. The citation on the Scroll of Honor for Distinction in Anthropology indicated that it was bestowed "in recognition of his brilliant performance as an investigator and teacher and for his contributions to the profession and service to society.” He was also given avara (staff), the ancient symbol of authority in traditional Andean communities. Bolton was also elected Honorary Member of the Colegio Profesional de Antropólogos del Perú  (Professional Guild of Peruvian Anthropologists), one of only three anthropologists to hold this distinction and the only non-Peruvian so honored. The formal installation and Bolton's accompanying lecture are to be scheduled for early in 2013 in Lima.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) has been selected to join the inaugural group of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), which recognizes “members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics."


Tony Boston’s (Physical Education and Athletics) research paper on “Implementing a Mental Training Program for Collegiate Sprinters” was recently accepted by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which was his final step in earning the IAAF Academy Diploma, the highest level of coaching certification offered by this governing board. Coaches who complete all requirements for the Academy Diploma are recognized by the IAAF as Elite Coaches for their respective event group(s).

Raymond Burkhart (Music) became brass section coach for the Eastern Sierra Symphony Orchestra in Mammoth Lakes, California, and he joined the music faculty at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, as symphonic band conductor in August.

Jean-Paul Gowdy (Physical Education and Athletics) competed in the Manhattan Island Swim Relay on 4 August. He and his three teammates swam the 28 miles around Manhattan in eight hours and finished 6th overall. In June, Gowdy was asked to be guest coach at Bates College Starts & Turns clinic.

Jade Star Lackey (Geology) convened, with colleagues from USC, UC Berkeley, CSU Fresno and CSU San Jose, a Geological Society of America field forum: "Formation of the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Magmatic and Tectonic Processes and Their Tempos.” The Forum traveled to field sites across the Sierra Nevada, including Yosemite, during 1-8 September, and brought together dozens researchers from around the United States and several countries.

Alma Martinez (Theatre & Dance) arranged a field trip to Sony Pictures for students enrolled in her Basic Acting and Acting Studio classes on 26 October. Students met with studio executives and were given a private tour of the lot. She also conducted an "Acting for the Camera" workshop with the language residents at Oldenburg Center on 2 November. On 27 September, Martinez, with Anthony Gomez '14 and Ebony Williams(Queer Resource Center), coordinated the lecture presentation "Queer Activism in the Arts" with guests Tyrus Emory PI '08, lead international researcher for NBC News, and Gregory Rae  HMC ’00, two-time Tony Award-winning Broadway.

The Very Reverend John Seery (Politics), Universal Life Ministry, officiated the wedding of Scott Pearsall '05 and Lily Mitchem SC '05 on 6 October in Ojai, California.