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Faculty Accomplishments - September 2013

Scholarly Talk, Presentation or Conference

Jack Abecassis (Romance Languages and Literature) presented a paper titled "Henri Meschonnic: The Sign versus Rhythm in French biblical translations" at the Beyond Transfiction: Translators and (their) Authors conference at Tel Aviv University on 7-8 May.

Colin Beck (Sociology) presented a paper, "Transnational Theory and Method in the Social Science of Revolution: The Case of the Arab Spring," at the Capitalism, the Politics of Inequality, and Historical Change conference at Columbia University on 14 August.      

Laurie Cameron (Theatre and Dance) was a coordinator and discussion leader at the Movement Pattern Analysts Annual Meeting at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on 30 May.

Nicki Lisa Cole (Sociology) presented “How to make money and influence people: A study of Apple Inc’s. brand,” a paper coauthored with Gabriela Hybel ’13 at the annual meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association in Victoria, British Columbia, on 4 June.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) presented "Reduced Wu and Generalized Simon Invariants" at the Spatial Graphs Conference at Loyola Marymount University on 9 June, and "Intrinsic Chirality of Graphs in 3-Manifolds" at the International Workshop on Spatial Graphs 2013 in Tokyo on 15 August.

Stephan Ramon Garcia (Mathematics) gave two invited lectures—“Model subspaces” and “Truncated Toeplitz operators”—at the Function Theory and Complex Variables Workshop and Summer School, 10-16 June, at the Nesin Mathematics Village in Sirince, Turkey. He also gave the plenary lecture "Hidden symmetries in everyday operators" at the 4th International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications in Konya , Turkey, on 2 July. At the Invariant Subspaces of the Shift  Operator conference at the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (CRM) in Montreal, Canada, Garcia gave a three-hour mini-course on "Model subspaces" at a workshop for graduate students on 26 August, and the invited talk "Truncated Toeplitz operators as model operators?” on 30 August.

Terri Geis (Museum of Art) presented a conference paper, “Permanent Readiness for the Marvelous: Suzanne Césaire/André Breton, Maya Deren/André Pierre,” at the Alternative Modernisms Conference at the University of Cardiff, Wales, on 18 May.

Kathleen Howe (Museum of Art, Art and Art History) was invited to present “Dividing the Light, Uniting a Community" at the first international meeting of Turrell Skyspace Owners in Jarna, Sweden, in July.

As a Board of Directors member of the American Society for the Alexander TechniqueMeg Jolley (Theater and Dance) helped organize and present the 5-day Annual Conference and General Meeting for teachers of the Alexander Technique at Roosevelt University in Chicago in June.

Julie Journitz (Information Technology Services) participated on panels at the IT Service Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona, 12-13 August. Topics included “The Biggest Challenges Leaders Face Implementing ITSM,” “Organizational Design to Support Service Orientation” and “Practical Approaches and Recommendations for Delivering Your IT Services.”         

Gizem Karaali (Mathematics) was a workshop team leader at the Research Experiences for Undergraduate Faculty (REUF 5) Workshop, held at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), in Providence, Rhode Island, from 22-26 July. She gave the lecture “Can Zombies Do Math?” for Pomona College alumni at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada, California, on 11 August.

Genevieve Lee (Music) spoke about the Fauré Requiem at an alumni gathering on 13 July before the opening concert of the 2013 Bach Carmel Festival.         

Rachel Levin (Neuroscience, Biology) gave the talk "Getting Science Out of the Box: Hopes, Flaws and Progress in Research on Trans* Identity" at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference on 15 June. Levin has collected data at this conference in previous years and returned to it to give back to the community by lecturing on scientific literacy and the results of her lab’s study. On 12 July, she spoke at the Gender Spectrum Professional's Workshop, an event that serves professionals who work with gender nonconforming and transgender children and their families, on "Hopes, Flaws and Progress in Research on Gender Diverse Identities."

Sylvia Martin (Anthropology) presented a paper on the impact of colonial censorship and development policies on the Hong Kong film industry and how that affects China's current film industry at the International Communication Association conference on 19 June in London.

Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) gave the keynote address to the U.S. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association annual meeting held at Claremont McKenna and Scripps Colleges on 25 July. The talk, "Riding the Wave: Open Access, Digital Publishing and the Undergraduate Thesis,” is available to watch online.

Sara Olson (Biology) presented research at the 19th International C. elegans Meeting held at UCLA in June. Presentations included a research poster titled "Patched family member PTR-2 is required for permeability barrier formation in the C. elegans zygote," and an educational poster titled "A semester-long investigative lab provides an authentic research experience in the cell biology of C. elegans." Molecular biology majors Alex Bell '14, Karen Hou '14, David Morgens '14 and Diana Partida '14, and biology major Brian Wysolmerski '14 also presented as co-authors on the educational poster.  

Laura Perini (Philosophy) presented “Diagrams and the production of visual evidence” at the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology in Montpelier, France, in July.

Monique Saigal (Romance Languages and Literatures) was invited for the third year in a row by Middlebury College to give a presentation in French to students enrolled in their summer program at Pomona College. The presentation, given on 15 July, was titled "Une enfant cachée en France en 1942 honore des Résistantes.” 

Kayo Yoshikawa (Pacific Basin Institute) presented the paper "Reflection and Action: Freirean Pedagogy for Service-Learning" at the 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning at Lingnan University in Hong Kong in June.


Allan Barr (Asian Languages and Literatures) published the article "Marriage and Mourning in Early-Qing Tributes to Wives" in Nan Nü: Men, Women and Gender in China 15.1, pp. 137-178. He also published three translations of work by Chinese author Yu Hua: the op-ed "When Filial Piety is the Law" (The New York Times, 8 July), the short story "Victory" (The New Yorker, 26 August, pp. 58-63), and his interview with Deborah Treisman, fiction editor of The New Yorker (19 August).

Pam Bromley (Writing Program, Politics), with Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg, published "How Important Is the Local, Really? A Cross- Institutional Quantitative Assessment of Frequently Asked Questions in Writing Center Exit Surveys" in The Writing Center Journal 33.1, pp. 13-37.

Nicki Lisa Cole (Sociology) published a series of articles this summer on her research into Apple’s brand image and power on the respected sociology blog Sociological Images. The articles have been reprinted by Pacific Standard and Work in Progress.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) published "Intermittence du bruit chez Benjamin Péret." in Le Silence d'or des surrealists (Paris: Aedam Musicae. 2013), ed. Sébastien Arfouilloux, pp. 105-114. Her article "Dada, Surrealism, Antropofagia: The Consuming Process of the Avant-gardes" was published in the fall 2013 issue of L'Esprit Créateur 53:3, pp. 79-90. In August, she co-edited (with the research group "Savoirs des femmes") and published online a selection of the best scholarly talks presented on 1 May at the Université de Montréal.

"Interview with Steve Erickson," an interview conducted by the editor of Via Regia Journal about Steve Erickson's (Philosophy) research and publications on the notion of thresholding, was published in Via Regia Journal 2, pp. 12-18.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) published, with Will Fletcher ’12, "Intrinsic Chirality of Multipartite Graphs" in the Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 51:7, pp. 1853-1863.  

Roberto A. Garza (Chemistry) published the article "Asymptotic Scaling for Euclidean Lattices" in Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems. Understanding Complex Systems: Without Bounds: A Scientific Canvas of Nonlinearity and Complex Dynamics (Springer, 2013).

Terri Geis (Museum of Art) published an essay, "Rosa Rolanda and Miguel Covarrubias: a través de disciplinas, a través de culturas (Rosa Rolanda and Miguel Covarrubias: Across Disciplines, Across Cultures)," in Codo a codo: parejas de artistas en México (Mexico City: Universidad Iberoamericana, 2013), ed. Dina Comisarenco Mirkin.

Jesse Harris (Linguistics & Cognitive Science) published the paper "Interjective 'what’” in The Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 23, pp. 19-39. He also published the co-authored paper "Standing alone with prosodic help” in Language and Cognitive Processes.      

Laura L Mays Hoopes (Biology) published the short story “Babeland” in the online literary journal The Fat City Review.

Kathleen Howe (Art Museum, Art and Art History) wrote the essay "Zuma: The Re-Enchantment of Photography" in John Divola: As Far As I Could Get (Santa Barbara Museum of Art/Prestel, 2013), the catalog for the joint exhibition [pdf] [pdf]  mounted by Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Pomona College Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She also wrote "The Persistence of Fatal Consequences" for the catalog, Goya's War: Los Desastres de la Guerra (Pomona College Museum of Art/University of Delaware Art Museums, 2013), which accompanies the traveling exhibition, a collaborative project with University of Delaware Museums. The exhibition opens in Delaware in September 2013 and travels to three other venues before returning to Pomona in 2016. 

Gizem Karaali (Mathematics) published an extended book review on Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society, by Sarah J. Greenwald and Jill E. Thomley, in the College Mathematics Journal 44:4, pp. 332-335.

Kyoko Kurita (Asian Languages and Literatures) co-translated “Konjiki no shi” by Tanizaki Jun’ichiro as “A Golden Death” for Three-Dimensional Reading: Stories of Time and Space in Japanese Modernist Fiction, 1911-1932 (University of Hawaii Press, 2013), ed. by Angela Yiu. 

Jade Star Lackey (Geology) co-authored the paper "Intrusive History and Petrogenesis of the Ash Mountain Complex, Sierra Nevada, California (USA)," which appears in the August issue of Geosphere 9:4, pp. 691-717.

Jonathan Lethem (English) published the new novel Dissident Gardens (New York: Doubleday, 2013).

Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) published the first comprehensive history of Death Valley National Park (University of Nevada Press, 2013) with late historian Hal K. Rothman.

Together with Vivian Webb High School student Chloe Soltis (Scripps ’17) and Wendy Iskenderian-Epps ’04, Dan O’Leary (Chemistry) published an article titled “Visual Isotope Effects: Demonstrating the Primary Kinetic Isotope Effect in the Chromium(VI) Oxidation of 2-Propanol-d8 and Methanol-d4” in The Journal of Chemical Education. Their work was featured on the cover of the August 13 issue and also appears as an educational YouTube video, “A Visual Isotope Effect.”

Adam Pearson (Psychology) published the coauthored article “Accuracy and bias in perceptions of relationship interest for intergroup and intragroup roommates” in Social Psychological and Personality Science 1-8.  He also wrote, with J.F. Dovidio, the book chapter “Intergroup fluency: How processing experiences shape intergroup cognition and communication” in Social Cognition and Communication (New York: Psychology Press, 2013), pp. 101-120.

Hans Rindisbacher (German and Russian) published "Canons and Leitkultur: Two Aspects of Contemporary Cultural Debate" in Pacific Coast Philology 48:1, 2013. Pp. 48-68.

Marie Shurkus (Media Studies) published the essay "The Sublime Event with Kant, Deleuze, and Lyotard" in the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts catalogue Facing the Sublime in Water, CA

Sharon Stranford (Biology) coauthored a textbook, Kuby Immunology, 7th ed. (W.H. Freeman, 2013), written with two colleagues from Haverford College.

Performances or Exhibitions

Betty Bernhard (Theatre and Dance) screened her documentary Out! Loud! in India at the 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Trivandrum, Kerala; the 4th Reel Dreamz Queer Film Festival in Chennai; and the Indian Institute of Film and Television. The film was also screened at the Claremont School of Theology on 4 September, where it was followed by a panel discussion.

During the 2013 Summer Festival at the Garth Newel Music Center in Virginia, Genevieve Lee (Music) performed on seven different programs, working with guest artists such as violinists Bayla Keyes and Paul Kantor, members of the National Symphony and Third Coast Percussion. Works ranged from Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals and more traditional works of Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann to Steve Reich's Sextet and a premiere of Paolo Boggio's piano quartet. During the Garth Newel summer student program, she coached chamber groups with undergraduate and graduate students.

Honors or Awards

Stephan Ramon Garcia (Mathematics) received a $199,017 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his project Operators on Hilbert Space. This grant (Garcia's third) will support multiple undergraduate researchers over the next three years.

Meg Jolley (Theatre and Dance) was awarded a Certificate of Merit for her contributions as a Board Member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT.)     

Jade Star Lackey (Geology) is a co-principal investigator on the grant "Continent-island arc fluctuations: Linking deep Earth dynamics to long-term climate,” which  was funded through the Frontiers in Earth Systems Dynamics program of the National Science Foundation. The grant supports five years of investigations into the mechanisms of production of CO2 in the magmatic arcs of the circum-Pacific in the Cretaceous. The research will be conducted in collaboration with PIs at Rice University, University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M, and University of Hawaii.

John Seery (Politics) was presented with the American Political Science Association's 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award [pdf] [pdf] , the APSA's only discipline-wide teaching award given to one person for career contributions to teaching, at the APSA conference in Chicago on 29 August. Several former students were in attendance at the banquet and ceremony.


Nicki Lisa Cole (Sociology) was named newsletter editor and chair of publications for the American Sociological Association Section for Consumers and Consumption. On 23 August, she and research assistant Tara Krishna ’14 were guests on the KPFA radio show The Morning Mix with Project Censored, where they shared findings from their research into the differences between U.S. and Chinese media coverage of labor and environmental issues in Apple’s supply chain.

Joel Hart (Admissions) was elected as a Western Association for College Admissions Counseling (WACAC) assembly delegate to the National Association's Governing Board. The term is for three years, 2013-2016.