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Faculty Accomplishments - October 2013

Scholarly Talk, Presentation or Conference

Betty Bernhard (Theatre and Dance) screened her documentary film Out! Loud! at the "Women in Asian Theatre" conference at Lincoln University in Lincoln, U.K., in September.

On September 6, Ralph Bolton '61 (Anthropology) delivered a paper, "Micro Crédito en Zonas Rurales del Perú: El Modelo de Fondos Rotatorios de Chijnaya" (co-authored with Ann Stromberg and Jhuver Aguirre), at the International Seminar on Applied Anthropology - Reflections on Professional Practice, sponsored by the Colegio Profesional de Antropólogos del Perú, and held at the Universid Nacional Federico Villarreal in Lima.

Susana Chávez-Silverman (Romance Languages and Literatures) read and discussed her work at events titled “My Doubled (He)art:  del Sur, California/South Africa” in South Africa in June. She spoke with literature and language faculty at the University of Cape Town on 3 June and with post-graduate students in English and Afrikaans at Stellensbosch University on 6 June. She also read from "Alquimia armisteadiana Crónica" as an invited author at a memorial for Samuel G. Armistead at UC Davis' Buehler Alumni Center on 7 September.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) presented the paper "The 1947 Surrealist Exhibition: a Stage for Literary History" via Skype during the Time & Temporality in European Modernism and the Avant-Gardes (1900-1950) conference that took place in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium on 16-18 September.

Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) lectured on "Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and the Conservation Agenda" at the  "Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene" conference in Washington, DC, on 18 September. He spoke on "Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot" on 19 September and "Repairing the Land, Four Generations at a Time" on 20 September, both at Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Monique Saigal-Escudero (Romance Languages and Literatures) gave a presentation in French on "Enfant cachée, Femmes résistantes pendant la 2e guerre mondiale" and showed her short documentary at the Alliance française in New Orleans on 20 September. On 24 September, she gave the presentation "Hidden Child, Women's Clandestine Activities in France during WWII" to the Jewish Community Center in New Orleans.

Kyla Wazana Tompkins (English, Gender and Women's Studies) was part of the "Love and Theft at 20" roundtable at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference in Orland, Florida, in August. Her work was also featured as part of a panel spotlighting new work in Theatre and Performance Studies.


Graydon Beeks (Music) published "'O Sing unto the Lord': The Selection of Anthem Texts for Cannons" in the Handel Jahrbuch in July 2013.

Eileen J. Cheng (Asian Languages and Literatures Department) published "Records of a Minor Historian: Lu Xun on Zhang Taiyan" in Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 7:3, pp. 367-395.

Robert Gaines (Geology) published the paper "Paleoredox and pyritization of soft-bodied fossils in the Ordovician Frankfort Shale of New York" with colleagues from Yale and Harvard in the American Journal of Science 313, pp. 452-489. He and Mark  Torres '10 published the paper "Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic interpretations of the late Paleocene Goler Formation, Southern California, U.S.A., based on paleosol geochemistry" in the Journal of Sedimentary Research 83, pp. 591-605.

Stephan Garcia (Mathematics) "A method for generating realistic correlation matrices" with Johanna Hardin (Mathematics) and David Golan (Tel Aviv University) in the Annals of Applied Statistics 7:3, pp. 1733-1762.

Eric Grosfils (Geology) published, with Shelley Chestler '12, "Using numerical modeling to explore the origin of intrusion patterns on Fernandina volcano, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador" in Geophysical Research Letters 40:17, pp. 4565-4569. The work was derived from Chestler's thesis research.

Malkiat Johal (Chemistry), with Angelika Niemz (Keck Graduate Institute) and Jorge Mejia '15, published the article "DNA Adsorption to and Elution from Silica Surfaces: Influence of Amino Acid Buffers" in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B  117:37, pp 10742-10749.

Jennifer Locke (Career Development Office) published "Dangerous Fortune-telling in Frances Burney's Camilla" in Eighteenth-Century Fiction 25:4, pp. 701-720.

Pardis Mahdavi (Anthropology) published her third book: From Trafficking to Terror: Constructing a Global Social Problem (London: Routledge, 2013). 

Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) published a new book: Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013).

Kevin Sea (Chemistry) co-authored "Yeast copper-zinc superoxide dismutase can be activated in the absence of its copper chaperone" in the Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry.

Samuel Yamashita (History) published "The Significance of Hawai'i Regional Cuisine in Postcolonial Hawai'i" was recently published in Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader (New York University Press, 2013), eds. Robert Ji-Song Ku, et al, pp. 98-122. This is the first anthology devoted to Asian American cuisines.

Honor or Award

On 20 September, Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) was awarded the Pinochet Medallion “in recognition of distinguished leadership and sustained contributions to advancing forest thought, policy and action,” from the Pinchot Institute for Conservation.

Racial Indigestion by Kyla Wazana Tompkins (English, Gender and Women's Studies) was awarded the Lora Romero prize for best first book in American Studies by the American Studies Association. The award will be presented at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. in November.


The film and theatre work of Betty Bernhard (Theatre and Dance) was featured in John Pixley's column in The Claremont Courier on 20 September.

From September 19-25, Ralph Bolton '61 (Anthropology) led an international delegation of visitors to Peru to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the community of Chijnaya. Bolton was instrumental as a Peace Corps volunteer (1962-1965) in creating this new community with refugees from a flood zone on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The delegation included individuals from Australia, Peru, the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and Pomona College alumni from the classes of 1961, 1982, 1984 and 2013.      

Martin Crawford (Outdoor Education Center) reports that the OEC and the Office of Black Student Affairs hosted a documentary screening on 13 September of White Wash, an exploration of race in America through the eyes of the ocean via the history of African Americans and water culture from slavery and civil rights wade-ins to surfing in contemporary times. A panel discussion included director Ted Woods, surfers Dedon Kamathi and Andrea Kabwasa, and Alison Rose Jefferson '80, a historian interviewed in the film. Following OBSA's student retreat the following weekend, the OEC provided surf lessons from the Black Surfers Collective in Santa Monica.

Crawford also notes that the Orientation Adventure (OA) program of Pomona College sent 400+ first-years and transfers on orientation trips to 13 different locations. Faculty and staff joining the trips included President David Oxtoby, Fernando Lozano (Economics), Kayla McCulley (Alumni Relations), Tomas Summers Sandoval (Chicana/o~Latina/o Studies, History), Melissa Petreaca (Biology), Gabe Chandler (Mathematics), JP Gowdy (Athletics), Louise Cosand (Psychology, Neuroscience), and Will Hummel (Admissions). This year, Pomona provided a community engagement or environmental service project on every one of the 31 OA trips.               

Robert Gaines' (Geology) research on the "Cambrian explosion" was recently featured in a perspectives piece in Science, and was covered in many media outlets, including a New York Times article and podcast. This work was originally featured in Nature 484, pp. 363-366 ("Formation of the 'Great Unconformity' as a trigger for the Cambrian explosion"). 

Char Miller (Environmental Analysis) was interviewed about his new book, Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot, by Pennsylvania public radio station WVIA (MP3 link).