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Faculty Accomplishments - November 2013

Scholarly Talk, Presentation or Conference

On 12 October, Ralph Bolton (Anthropology) gave a lecture on conflict and aggression in Andean villages in a workshop devoted to the analysis of social conflict. The workshop was held at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal in Lima, Peru.

Paul Cahill (Romance Languages and Literatures) presented the paper "Unhappy Couples in Concha García's Cuántas llaves" at the XXIII AILCFH Conference: Feminism, Post-Feminism, Neo-Feminism held at The Claremont Colleges, October 10-12. On 26 October, he presented the paper "Una atropellada caligrafía: lectura y escritura en Llenar tu nombre de Ana Rossetti" at the fall meeting of the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) held at UCLA.

Steve Comba (Museum of Art) presented an overview of the Pomona College Native American Collection Study Center at the Western Museums Association Annual Conference in Salt Lake City on 12 October. He also served as co-chair of the Program Committee for that conference.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) co-presented the talk "Au-delà de la salle de classe ou voyage imaginaire avec Charles Baudelaire et Amélie Nothomb" with Vera Klekovkina and participated in pedagogy workshops at the conference Circulating French in the Classroom: Reading Literature in Community at the University of Notre Dame, 11-12 October. She presented the paper "Lire l'entre-deux: apprendre des jeunes lectrices" during the panel "Seuils féminins du savoir" that she organized and chaired at the 39th annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium "Seuils et Horizons" in Richmond, Virginia, on 24 October.

Judson Emerick (Art and Art History) was invited to assist at the defense of a Ph.D. thesis at the University of Amsterdam and to give a talk titled "Staging the Christian monarch in Carolingian architecture: Charlemagne, a new Constantine?" on 21 October.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) gave the colloquium "Intrinsic Properties of Graphs Embedded in R^3" at Carleton College on 15 October.

Gizem Karaali (Mathematics) spoke on on "Supercharacters and their Superpowers" at the sixth annual Women in Mathematics Symposium, held in Riverside, California, on 19 October.

Kyoko Kurita (Asian Languages and Literatures) gave an invited talk, "The Fantastic and the Sublime in Koda Rohan's Encounter with a Skull," at UC Berkeley on 4 October.

Pardis Mahdavi (Anthropology) gave a talk titled "Ethnographic Approaches to Rethinking Gulf Migration and Trafficking" at the Middle East Studies Association annual meeting in New Orleans, 10-13 October. At this meeting, she also organized and chaired a session on "Ethnographic Approaches to Gulf Migration" and was a discussant for a panel on "Domestic Work in the Gulf."

Cameron Munter (International Relations) presented on strategic issues in South Asia at the Skoll Global Threats Foundation in San Francisco on 3 October. He participated in a colloquium on U.S-Chinese focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan at the New York University/Chinese Institute for International Studies in Beijing on 9 October. At the Pacific Council on International Policy annual conference in Santa Monica on 12 October, he was a discussant for a panel on Afghanistan After 2014. On 17 October at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he presented on and discussed the next steps for eradication of polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He participated in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on U.S.-Pakistani relations at the National Democratic Institute in Washington, DC, on 22 October. He gave a speech on the future of U.S.-Pakistani relations and debated with experts on Iran and Afghanistan policy at DOCA, a Washington, DC. defense industrial group, on 23 October. Lastly, he participated in a RAND Corporation panel discussion on secrecy and privacy issues (and impact on foreign policy) on 24 October in Santa Monica.

Bruce Paolozzi (Trusts and Estates), who is a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont Graduate University, presented a paper titled "Hylomorphic Dualism and the Challenge of Embodied Cognition" at the first U.S. conference of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas in Houston, Texas, 17-19 October.

Laura Perini (Philosophy) gave a talk on "Data Images, Evidence and the Limits of Deception" at UC Riverside on 23 October.

Frances Pohl (Art and Art History) lectured on "Ben Shahn and Organized Labor, From the New Deal to the Cold War" on 19 October at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as part of their symposium "Art and Radical Politics: Ben Shahn and the Tom Mooney Affair."

Hans Rindisbacher (German and Russian) gave the invited guest lecture "Eternal Return or Radical Redesign? Aspects of Contemporary Switzerland" at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, on 22 October.

Monique Saigal-Escudero (Romance Languages and Literatures) gave a number of presentations in Virginia in October. She spoke on "A Hidden child speaks about Young French Women Who Fought the Nazis" at Gunston Middle School in Arlington, Virginia, on 5 October. She presented and spoke with a group at the restaurant La Côte d'or in Arlington on 8 October; to the Civitan Club at Clyde's in Tysons Corner on 8 October; at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Oakton on 8 October; at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation in Reston on 9 October; and to the Jewish Community Center in Fairfax on 10 October. On 12 October, she spoke to the French Masons at the Café de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.

On 3 October, John Seery (Politics) gave a talk, "Is Education in Crisis?," at the Failing Fast: The Educated Citizen in Crisis conference at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College. On 19 October, he spoke on "Making the Case for Liberal Education" at the fifth biennial Is there a Case for the Liberal Arts? conference [pdf] [pdf] , sponsored by the American Association of Academic Deans and the Phi Beta Kappa Society, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Conchita F. Serri (Office of the Ombuds) presented PingingTea, a performance art and social experiment/clinic is an exercise in relational aesthetics, at the Conflict Resolutions Symposium at Georgia State University on 17 October. 

Erica Tyron (KSPC) co-presented a session called "Making Your Station Matter to Your Campus" at the 2013 National Student Electronic Media Convention in San Antonio, Texas.  


A collection of blog posts edited and translated by Allan Barr (Asian Languages and Literatures), Han Han's This Generation, first published last year, was released in October in paperback by Simon & Schuster. His translation of an opinion piece by Yu Hua, "Jokes, Lies and Pollution in China," was published in the 30 October issue of the International New York Times.

Mietek Boduszynski (Politics) wrote, with co-author Duncan Pickard, "Libya Starts From Scratch" in the Journal of Democracy 24:4 (October 2013), pp. 86-96. He also wrote the Project Syndicate op-ed "The Road from Benghazi" on 12 September.

Pam Bromley (Writing Program, Politics, International Relations) wrote "Active Learning Strategies for Diverse Learning Styles: Simulations Are Only One Method" in PS: Political Science and Politics 46:4 (October 2013), pp. 818-822. She also wrote on "How Important Is the Local, Really?: Cross-Institutional Quantitative Assessment of Typical Writing Center Exit Surveys," with Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg, in The Writing Center Journal 33.1 (Summer 2013), pp. 13-37.

Nicki Lisa Cole (Sociology) co-authored "Apple exposed: the untold story of globalization," with Tara Krishna '14, in the Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times (Seven Stories Press, 2013), edited by Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth (former Pomona faculty member). The book was named Truth Out's Progressive Pick of the Week on 7 October, and Publisher's Weekly called Cole's and Krishna's chapter "brutal yet essential reading."

Stephan Ramon Garcia (Mathematics) published "Quotients of Gaussian Primes" in American Mathematical Monthly 120:9, pp. 851-853.

Terri Geis (Museum of Art) published an article, "’Death by Amnesia’: Maya Deren, Egypt, and 'Racial' Memory," in the journal Dada/Surrealism 19:1.

Art Horowitz (Theatre and Dance) published "Scrutinizing the feminine in Waiting for Godot: Vladimir and Estragon await their couples counselor," in In Dialogue with Godot: Waiting and Other Thoughts (Lexington Books, 2013), ed. Ranjan Ghosh. In his chapter, he acknowledges the contributions, particularly those of Blake Gilmour '14, of his 2009 Pomona ID1 class "But then what happens...".

The latest book by Gilda Ochoa (Sociology, Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies), Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans, and the Achievement Gap (University of Minnesota Press, 2013), was published in October.

Hans Rindisbacher (German and Russian) published the review essay "Blindness and Insight. Sabine Eickenrodt, Hrsg., Blindheit in Literatur und Ästhetik (1750-1850), (Würzburg: Königshausen und Neumann, 2012), in KulturPoetik 13:2, pp. 279-284.

Anthony Shay (Theatre and Dance) wrote the article "Dance as the 'International Language': The Search for an American Cultural Voice at the Height of the Cold War" in Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History (Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2013), eds. Thomas K. Hagood and Luke C. Kahlich.

Performance or Exhibition

Betty Bernhard's (Theatre and Dance) documentary Out! Loud!, about LGBT young people devising a play based on their own experiences in Pune, India, was screened at the international symposium Shifting Dialogues II: Objects of Desire: Sexual Artifice in Asian Art and Performance at the University of the Arts in Helsinki, Finland, on 26 October.   

As a member of the Garth Newel Piano Quartet (GNPQ), Genevieve Lee (Music) performed a concert at the Virginia Military Institute on 16. On 18-20 October, she performed three different programs of solo piano, harpsichord and chamber music at Garth Newel Music Center in Virginia. She also performed a concert with the GNPQ the Appomattox Regional Governor's School for the Arts and Technology and taught music students at this high school on 21 October.

Joyce Lu (Theatre and Dance, Asian American Studies) performed in "A (Micro) History of World Economics, Danced" with Los Angeles Poverty Department, directed by Pascal Rambert, on 26 October.

Honor or Award

Steve Comba (Museum of Art) was elected for a three-year term on the Board of Directors for the Western Museums Association.

Nancy Treser-Osgood (Alumni Relations) was elected a Governing Board member of the Claremont Unified School District on 5 November. There were five candidates vying for three positions.

"The Conversation," a photograph by Marilynn Waters (Economics), was selected for exhibition and received an Artist Grant Award in the international Art of Photography Show at the San Diego Art Institute (Museum of the Living Artist), which continues through 17 November and can be seen online. The competition had nearly 13,000 entries.


Peter Flueckiger (Asian Languages and Literatures) was awarded a Japan Foundation Short-Term Research Fellowship to spend two months in Japan researching the Confucian scholar Hori Keizan (1688-1757).

On 29 October, Cameron Munter (International Relations) was interviewed on NPR's "Air Talk" about on secrecy and privacy and impact on foreign policy.

Gilda Ochoa was interviewed about her academic influences, methodological approaches, and her recent publications for the online journal Esteem: Conversations Between Educators from Teachers College, Columbia University, on 16 October.