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Faculty Accomplishments - January-February 2014

Scholarly Talk, Presentation or Conference

Sefa Aina (Asian American Resource Center, Dean of Students Office) was the keynote speaker at the CSU East Bay Student Services Operation for Success (Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institute) open house on 14 January; a panel moderator on "Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander: Developing Advocacy Tools" at the National Advancing Justice Conference on 15 January in Los Angeles; and a panel moderator for "Boys and Young Men of Color" at the 22nd annual Empowerment Congress Summit on "Communities Empowered for Change" in Los Angeles on 18 January.

On 11 January, Allan Barr (Asian Languages and Literatures) gave a presentation in Chinese on the topic "From Literary Research to Literary Translation" at the 818 Salon in Leshan, Sichuan, China.           

With Pam Bromley (College Writing, Politics) and the other Claremont Colleges writing directors, Dara Rossman Regaignon (College Writing, English) hosted the seventh annual meeting of the Small Liberal Arts College Writing Program Administrators Consortium at Pomona on 10-11 January. The topic was "Supporting Diverse Learners.”                                                 

Adriana di Bartolo (Queer Resource Center) was a panel participant on "LGBTQ Professionals in Student Affairs" at the Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day at CSU Long Beach on 3 November. On 17 January, she presented "Transformative Student Affairs Practices to Enhance a Culture of Care on Campus” at the NASPA Mental Health Conference and the NASPA Alcohol, Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention Conference in San Diego.

Erica Flapan (Mathematics) gave the invited presentation "Topological Symmetries of Molecules" at the Workshop on Topological Structures in Computational Biology at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, on 10 December.

Gizem Karaali (Mathematics) led a faculty mini-course with Eric Marland (Appalachian State University) on Humanistic Mathematics at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings held in Baltimore, 15-18 January. At the same conference, Karaali and JoAnne Growney organized a mathematical poetry reading on 17 January.

Jade Star Lackey (Geology) gave two presentations at the National Geological Society of America meeting in October in Denver: "Deconvoluting magma mixing and source characteristics of a long lived (~9 m.y.) Sierra Nevada magmatic complex: O, Hf and trace elements of zircon from the John Muir Suite" and "A Mojave perspective on volcanic-plutonic systems in California's Middle Jurassic arc." He was a co-author on five additional presentations at the conference, including two presented by Anne Fulton '15 and Rachel Havranek '14. He was also a co-author on three presentations at the American Geophysical Union meeting in December in San Francisco.

Thomas Leabhart (Theatre and Dance) lectured on "E.G. Craig and Etienne Decroux: The Wooden Actor in Theory and Practice" for Theatre Pas de Dieux in Paris on 4 January.

Pardis Mahdavi (Anthropology) gave an invited lecture at UC San Diego on "From Trafficking to Terror: Constructing a Global Problem" on 13 January.

Daren Mooko (Dean of Students Office) was a panel moderator for "College Student Activism: Organizing Through Community Engagement," which included panelist Tracy Zhao '13, at the National Advancing Justice Conference on 15 January in Los Angeles.

Cameron Munter (International Relations, Politics) lectured several times in London in January: "2014: Prospects for Change in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India" at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Arundel House (10 December); "Pakistan Perspectives and Countering Violent Extremism" at the Quilliam Foundation (10 December); the "Weak State, Strong Society: How the West Should Engage with Pakistan" seminar at University College London, War Studies (11 December; and "The Future of Diplomacy" seminar at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Whitehall  (12 December). On 13 January, Munter chaired the inaugural seminar to create the Working Group on U.S-Pakistani Relations at the Atlantic Council of the United States in Washington DC. He was a guest lecturer on "Foreign Assistance: Lessons Learned" on 15 January at a New York University/Washington seminar on International Development hosted by journalist James Traub.

At a weeklong residency at the Free University's Theater and Dance Department in Berlin, Germany, in November, John Pennington (Theater and Dance) gave a lecture on the history and legacy of California dance artists in the 20th century, taught classes in the graduate program, and gave a public performance of his reconstructed German Expressionist solos by Harald Kreutzberg.          

Leonard Pronko (Theatre and Dance) spoke to the Curtain Raisers of the Claremont Colleges on 30 January about his kabuki presentations at Pomona College over 30 years, their origins, his studies, and the performances.                                            

Monique Saigal-Escudero (Romance Languages and Literatures) spoke on "Hidden Child and Clandestine Activities of French Women During WWII" for the Las Tias organization in Rancho Cucamonga on 9 January.

Shahriar Shahriari (Mathematics) was the colloquium speaker at the School of Mathematics of the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences in Tehran, Iran, on 26 December. The title of his talk was "The MMS conjecture for vector spaces."

Samuel Yamashita (History) was invited to deliver "The Making of 'Splendid Little Citizens,'" a paper on the education of the children evacuated from Japanese cities during the Asia/Pacific War, at a conference on "Children, Education and Youth in Imperial Japan, 1925-1945," at Kyoto University in Japan, 11-12 January.


Allan Barr's (Asian Languages and Literatures) translation of Yu Hua's volume of short stories, Boy in the Twilight: Stories of the Hidden China, has just been published (Pantheon, 2014). His translation of an op-ed column by Yu Hua, "China Confronts the Online Rumor Mill," was published in The International New York Times on 8 January.

An article by Nicki Lisa Cole (Sociology), "Apple's Top Crimes of 2013," was the lead article on CounterPunch on 1 January. She published the chapter "Ethical Consumption in the Global Age: Coffee's Promise of a Better World" in Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity (Sage Publications, 2014), edited by Nita Mathur.

Virginie Duzer (Romance Languages and Literatures) published "Le surréalisme en équations" in La Poésie scientifique, de la gloire au déclin [pdf] [pdf] (2014), ed. by Muriel Louâpre, Hugues Marchal et Michel Pierssens, in the "Épistémocritique" series, pp. 399-411.

Stephan Garcia (Mathematics) published "The Graphic Nature of the Symmetric Group" (with J.L. Brumbaugh PO '13, Madeleine Bulkow SC '14, Luis Garcia German PO '14, Matt Michal CGU '15 and Andrew P. Turner HMC '14) in Experimental Mathematics 22:4, pp.421-442.

Eric Grosfils (Geology) published "Elastic models of magma reservoir mechanics: a key tool for investigating planetary volcanism" in the edited volume Volcanism and Tectonism Across the Inner Solar System, a Geological Society of London special publication (401). Co-authors include colleagues from the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Texas and Oregon State University, and Debra Hurwitz '07, Sylvan Long '07 and Shelley Chestler '12.             

Gizem Karaali (Mathematics) published an extended book review of three books -- Mathematics in Popular Culture: Essays on Appearances in Film, Fiction, Games, Television and Other Media (McFarland, 2012); Loving+Hating Mathematics: Challenging the Myths of Mathematical Life (Princeton University Press, 2011); and Mathematicians: An Outer View of The Inner World (Princeton University Press, 2009) -- in the AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics) Newsletter 43:6, pp. 22-25.     

Her article, "An Evaluative Calculus Project: Applying Bloom's Taxonomy to the Calculus Classroom" (PRIMUS 21:8), has been selected for a special promotion collection as the most downloaded PRIMUS article in the past year, and has been and will be promoted at the AMS-MAA Joint Meetings in Baltimore, MathFest and other conferences, and be available for free download for a limited period of time from the PRIMUS website.         

Nina Karnovsky (Biology) is a co-author with Julia Gleichman'09 and K. David Hyrenbach of the paper "Diving behavior of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters Rearing Chicks on Lehua Islet." in Elepaio 74:1, pp. 1-4.

Jade Star Lackey (Geology) is a co-author on the publication "Orogenic to post-orogenic (1.2-1.15 Ga) magmatism in the Adirondack lowlands and Frontenac Terrane, Grenville Province" in Geosphere 9, pp. 1637-1663. Andrew Stocker CMC '09 was a co-author.             

Pardis Mahdavi (Anthropology) published a paper titled "Iran's Green Movement in Context" in Cultural Revolution in Iran (IB Tauris Press, 2013), edited by Annabelle Sreberny and Massoumeh Torfeh.

Anthony Shay (Theatre and Dance) has had three articles published on the Oxford Handbook website that will appear in forthcoming books:  “Reviving the Reluctant Art of Iranian Dance in Iran and the American Diaspora” (Oxford Handbook of Musical Revival); “Lado, the State Ensemble of Croatian Folk Dances and Songs: Icon of Croatian Identity" and "The Spectacularization of Soviet/Russian Folk Dance: Igor Moiseyev and the Invented Tradition of Staged Folk Dance" (The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Ethnicity, ed. Anthony Shay). 

Performance or Exhibition

Graydon Beeks (Music) and his Pomona colleagues Alfred Cramer, Carolyn Beck, Roger Lebow and Jason Yoshida, performing as the Cornucopia Baroque Ensemble, presented a program of Baroque chamber music at Mt. San Antonio Gardens on 14 January.

Honor or Award

Water Polo Coach Alex Rodriguez (Physical Education) has been named Head Coach for the Men's Junior National Team for the USA Men's National Pipeline.

Daren Mooko (Dean of Students Office) was elected to the Board of Directors of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  


Martin Crawford (Outdoor Education Center) reports the OEC offered a 72-hour, eight-day Wilderness First Responder course to 21 Pomona students, two Pitzer students, and three off-campus participants. The 21 Pomona students are now part of the College's Emergency Support Team designed to respond to emergencies on campus.

Adriana di Bartolo (Queer Resource Center) was part of the T* Camp professional logistics team, which organizes an intercampus retreat to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with peers. T* Camp took place in early January in the Pilgrim Pines Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Thomas Leabhart (Theatre and Dance) taught a two-week Corporeal Mime workshop for Theatre Pas de Dieux, directed by Won Kim '95, in Paris, France, from 6-17 January.

Leonard Pronko (Theatre and Dance) reports "an adventure, not an accomplishment" as he spent 20 November to 15 January in Tokyo, seeing Kabuki and other activities. From 4-21 December, he visited villages and towns Thailand and Laos, looking at textiles and seeing the creation of new textiles, traversing rickety bridges and slippery riverbanks.

On 21 December, Brenda Rushforth (Human Resources) passed the California Certification, which is designed for HR professionals who currently hold PHR® and SPHR® credentials and are experts in regulations and legal mandates specific to the state of California.

On 9 January, Monique Saigal-Escudero (Romance Languages and Literatures) was interviewed in Pasadena about her book Héroines françaises 1940-41 by French journalist Noemi Rosner-Taylor (French Magazine).