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Current Faculty Accomplishments

About Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments is a monthly list of lectures, books, publications, conference activities, honors, grants, performances, exhibitions and other news, provided by the faculty of Pomona College. To submit an accomplishment, fill out our form.

April 2014

Updated continually throughout the month. Last updated 04/14/14.

Mietek Boduszynski, assistant professor of politics and international relations, published an op-ed on the democratic decline in Egypt and Turkey in the Christian Science Monitor on 13 February.

Peter Flueckiger, associate professor of Japanese, gave a talk on "Waka and Confucianism in Hori Keizan's Fujingen" at the Waka Poetry Workshop at Stanford University on 9 March. He also spoke on "Motoori Norinaga's Images of the Imperial Capital" at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies in Philadelphia on 27 March.

Robert Gaines, associate professor of geology, presented the talk “Exceptional Preservation in the Fezouata Formations, Early Ordovician of Morocco” at the first meeting of the Rise of Animal Life working group in Lille, France, on 20 March.

Stephan Garcia, associate professor of mathematics, gave a talk on “Supercharacters and Their Super Powers” at the UC San Diego Number Theory seminar on 4 April.

Eric Hurley, associate professor of psychology and Africana studies, co-authored the article “Association of acculturation with drinking games among Hispanic college students” in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on 1 January. He also co-authored “Differential Links Between Expressive Suppression and Well-Being among Chinese and Mexican American College Students” in the Asian American Journal of Psychology on 1 January.

Malkiat Johal, professor of chemistry, co-authored the paper “Water-soluble PPV and C60 nanocomposite with enhanced miscibility and enhanced photo-induced charge transfer through ground state electrostatic interactions,” which was published in POLYMER 55:3, pp. 855-859.

Nina Karnovsky, associate professor of biology, coauthored the paper “Fledging Success of Little Auks in the High Arctic: Do Provisioning Rates and the Quality of Foraging Grounds Matter?” in Polar Biology.

Jade Star Lackey, associate professor of geology, co-authored (with Callie Sendek SC ‘12 and Jane Eisenberg SC ’14) "The Fine Gold Intrusive Suite-Records of the nascent Cretaceous arc" in Formation of the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Magmatic and Tectonic Processes and Their Tempos, Geological Society of America Field Guide 34, pp. 17-32. He also co-authored the chapter "Overview of arc processes and tempos," pp. 87-116, in the guidebook.

Richard McKirahan, E. C. Norton professor of classics and professor of philosophy, gave a lecture titled “Aristotle as a Historian of Science” at the annual Southern California - Rutgers Aristotle conference held at UCLA on 21 February. He gave a second version of this talk in Greek at the Second International Colloquium on Aristotle, sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies at the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, on 21 March. The talk was the subject of an article in Ta Nea, a prominent Greek newspaper. He lectured on “Who were the Sophists and what did they have in common?” in Greek on 19 March at the University of Athens Department of Philology. On 4 April, he spoke on “Philolaus on the Soul” to the “Ancient Working Group” within the UC Berkeley Department of Philosophy.

Cameron Munter, international relations/politics professor of practice, delivered an Ashe lecture at the Howard Baker Center of the University of Tennessee on “The Future of U.S. Relations with Pakistan” on 5 March. On 8 March, he spoke on the future of Southeast Asian at the U.S.-Chinese conference in Beijing, China, which was hosted by New York University and the Chinese Institute for International Studies. He discussed the role of global affairs at Pomona at a series of events in New York City during the week of 17 March, and on 21 March, he gave a presentation on the balance of counter-terrorist policy and long-term development, particularly in Central and South Asia, in Washington, DC, at the Federal Forum of the Pentagon. Munter spoke about “The Future of Democracy” at the Claremont McKenna Athenaeum on 24 March

Monique Saigal-Escudero, emerita professor of French, gave a presentation on "Reclaiming the Past: Memories of a Hidden Child and of Creative Young Women during WWII" in Brussels, Belgium, on 16 March. An article about the presentation was published in the European Union for Progressive Judaism Newsletter on 27 March.