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About Campaign Pomona

Campaign Progress

Campaign Progress

Learn more about the current state of the Campaign.


To enhance and strengthen all that we value most in a Pomona education, the College has launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. Campaign Pomona: Daring Minds is a five-year effort that will seek a minimum of $250 million for strategic initiatives that are critical to Pomona’s future and to the future success of our students. These include: ensuring access for deserving students through endowed scholarship support; enhancing teaching and learning with a focus on creativity and active engagement; improving critical facilities that support living and learning; and strengthening the Annual Fund, which provides flexible funding for student aid, faculty support and a range of programs.

Message from the President

The world needs daring minds. In every field of human endeavor—science and the arts, business and the professions, scholarship and public service—important things happen when daring, innovative, principled thinkers have the courage to step forward with new ideas. That is why, at Pomona College, we dare our students to dream boldly, push them to think broadly and deeply, encourage them to stretch their creative muscles and to take intellectual risks, and challenge them—in the words inscribed upon our gates—to “bear their added riches in trust for mankind.”

Campaign Priorities

Increasing Affordability for Deserving Students

GOAL: $65,000,000

Pomona remains committed to admitting students based on merit and promise alone and providing every admitted student with the resources needed to attend. By building additional endowment to support scholarships for deserving students—both domestic and international—Campaign Pomona will ensure for years to come that the College can remain true to this core value.

Strengthening Teaching and Learning

GOAL: $73,000,000

Behind the achievements of any original thinker—whether scientist or artist or business leader—lies an ability to see problems in a new light and imagine innovative solutions. Many of the initiatives in Campaign Pomona are conceived to strengthen these critical and creative facilities. These include:

  • Fostering Creativity Through the Arts: $11,500,000
  • Expanding Opportunities for Intensive Summer Experiences: $20,000,000
  • Building Local and Global Connections: $19,000,000
  • Investing in Faculty: $15,000,000


Enhancing Critical Facilities

GOAL: $68,000,000

To ensure that Pomona can continue to support its academic and residential programs with facilities that are up to date and rich in resources and that inspire creativity and interaction, Campaign Pomona will provide for important new facilities in critical areas. These include:

  • North Campus Residence Halls: $18,000,000 (Completed)
  • Studio Art Building: $10,000,000 (Under construction)
  • International Center and Language Immersion Residence Hall: $25,000,000


Expanding the Annual Fund

GOAL: $44,000,000

The Annual Fund pays for scholarships, supports our extraordinary faculty and helps to bring students and faculty together by supporting academic and student life programs. Building an even stronger Annual Fund is essential to jump-start other campaign initiatives and to ensure, far into the future, that a Pomona College education will remain second to none.