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Gifts of Securities

Methods of Gifting Securities to Pomona College

Transfer of Certificate: The transfer may be made by:

  1. Forwarding the stock certificate and stock power form to Pomona College by mail or hand delivery. If you choose to mail these, the stock power form must be mailed separately from the stock certificate. The gift is completed upon receipt of both envelopes; therefore, the latest postmark of the items received is used as the date of the valuation of the stock. The date of valuation for hand delivered gifts is the date it is handed to a Pomona College staff person.
  2. Registration to Pomona College: The transfer may be made by sending the stock certificate to your stock broker or transfer agent and having it re-registered in the name of Pomona College. You receive valuation of the stock as of the date on the re-registered stock certificate.

Electronic Transfer: The transfer may be made by your stock broker to the Pomona College custodian account as follows: Your stock broker transfers your stock via DTC to our account in the name of Pomona College at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Please contact Janis Moormann at the Pomona College Business Office at (909) 621-8115 to request DTC and account numbers and to notify us of your transfer so that we may record it properly.
  2. You send a letter informing Pomona College of your stock gift, indicating the following information:

               Date of instruction
               Issue Name of stock and number of shares
               Designation of the gift

The date of valuation of the gift using this method will be the date the transfer is received in Pomona College's account.

Transfer to Broker Account Where Pomona College has an Existing Account: Transfer by journal entry from your broker account to our existing account. Pomona College has broker accounts with Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, and RBC Wealth Management. Call Janis Moormann at (909) 621-8115 for the appropriate account numbers.

Pomona College's Tax ID is 95-1664112.