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Class Reunions

We're excited to celebrate your reunion with you this year! We also encourage you to get involved with planning the festivities and supporting your Reunion Class Gift. If you would like information about volunteering for your class' Reunion Gift Committee or for updated information regarding progress toward class gift goals, please contact your class' staff liaison directly or the Office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement by phone at 1-888-736-9425 or by email at

Staff Liaisons

Michael Spicer, Director, Office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement, Community Development: Classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984

Jahan Boulden Pitzer '07, Assistant Director, Office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement, Community Development: Classes of 1954, 1959, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009


2013-2014 Reunion Class Gift Committees

60th Reunion - Class of 1954

Georgia McManigal, Co-Chair
Carolyn Prestwich, Co-Chair

55th Reunion - Class of 1959

Frank Eulau, Co-Chair
Dave Hirsch, III, Co-Chair
Paula Pitzer, Co-Chair
Sandra Adams

50th Reunion - Class of 1964

Stan Hales, Jr., Chair
Dan Armistead
Marilyn Corvin
Jack Edwards
John Gage
Cindy Olmstead
Patty Pollard
Tom Pollard
Sandra Sarnoff
Wendy Smith
Dick Walden
Mary Walshok

45th Reunion - Class of 1969

David Hatoff, Co-Chair
Julie Swan Hatoff, Co-Chair

40th Reunion - Class of 1974

Pat Gallagher, Co-Chair
Tom Halliday, Co-Chair
John Hartog, Co-Chair
Michael Mahler, Co-Chair

35th Reunion - Class of 1979

Steve Loeb, Co-Chair
Michael Segal, Co-Chair
Don Gould
Karen Sisson

30th Reunion - Class of 1984

Carol Kruse, Co-Chair
Jon Robertson, Co-Chair
Julie Siebel, Co-Chair

25th Reunion - Class of 1989

Rod Parsley, Co-Chair
Amy Tirre, Co-Chair
Clint Smith

20th Reunion - Class of 1994

Petrea Moyle Marchand, Co-Chair
Jared Mathis, Co-Chair
Gus Mattammal, Co-Chair

15th Reunion - Class of 1999

Emily Arnold-Fernandez, Co-Chair
Ian Jinkerson, Co-Chair
Sesyle Moorhead, Co-Chair
Dana Clausen
Kevin Hickey
Catherine Humbert
Amanda Sabicer
Jordan Snedcof

10th Reunion - Class of 2004

Adam Gardner, Co-Chair
Emily Glick, Co-Chair
Sam Glick, Co-Chair
Juan Matute, Co-Chair
Sirinya Matute, Co-Chair
Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez, Co-Chair
Helen Kerstein
Brian Palmer-Rubin
Thomas Shenton Woo

5th Reunion - Class of 2009

Iris Gardner, Co-Chair
Kayla McCulley, Co-Chair
Rhett Dornbach-Bender
Elinor Gardner Escamilla
Ryan Frazer
Sarah Frazer
Steven Hochman
Andrea Kretchmer
Elizabeth Reynolds LaCroix
David Chase Martin
Ian Monsma
Nichole Runge