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Giving FAQ

Myth: I've already given enough money to Pomona.
Fact: Every student receives a hidden subsidy. Even students paying full tuition only pay about two-thirds ($36,000) of the actual cost ($66,000) of a Pomona education. The rest is made up from income from the endowment ($25,000) and other grants ($5,000).

Myth: Pomona has a huge endowment; the College doesn't need my money.
The College endowment consists mostly of restricted funds that have been allocated to support a particular area of need or a specific purpose. The College would need to increase its endowment by $100 million to make up the approximately $4.6 million generated by the Annual Fund each year.

Myth: My participation doesn't matter.
Your participation does matter. Your participation enhances Pomona's outstanding reputation, which increases the value of your degree because greater alumni participation will enable Pomona to achieve a higher national ranking.

Question: Where does the money go?
Gifts to the Senior Class Gift become part of the Annual Fund, which supports academic and co-curricular programming, scholarships, equipment and materials purchases, faculty salaries and emergencies.

Question: Why is Pomona asking me for money before I graduate?
The Senior Class Gift isn't so much a financial matter as it is a matter of spirited support. We have received a great deal of unseen alumni assistance over our four years (even those who pay full tuition only pay two-thirds of the actual cost of their education), and this is a chance to "give back."

Question: How much are you asking for?
A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated, and your participation matters most. Gifts of $20.11 -- in honor of our graduation year -- are encouraged.

Question: I don't have any money or I can only afford a small amount - What good will my gift do?
Your gift could be in lieu of a movie, your weekly Coop meal or a weekend party. Participation is the most important part of our Senior Class Gift. We want this gift to come from as many of our classmates as possible. Whatever amount you can contribute will be a step toward our goal!