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Post Award Guidelines

Post-Award Guidelines for Principal Investigators and Project Directors of Grant-funded Activities

Congratulations on your recent grant award!

Getting Started

As you prepare to begin the project you proposed, please keep in mind that the agency or foundation providing your support considers the grant award to be a contract with responsibilities and obligations. The award letter you received should outline most of them, including deadlines for reports and policies for acknowledging the funder's support of your work. It is important to follow the guidelines, and to contact the program or grants officer if any requirements are unclear or troubling to you.

In addition to the guidelines contained in the award letter, please be sure the following items are in place before you begin your project. As a project director/PI, you should be prepared to:

  • submit a copy of your grant proposal and the award letter to the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations;
  • manage the project as outlined in the proposal and approved budget;
  • do not use funds for unallowable, unauthorized, or unreasonable purposes (including but not limited to entertainment, first-class air travel, alcohol purchases, and per diems or stipends in excess of funder-established maximums-please ask if you're unsure);
  • designate (and inform the Business Office of) one principal staff contact who will be responsible for submitting invoices and other financial documents of grant expenditures;
  • sign all requests for payment/reimbursement from the grant award yourself (or designate one staff person who is authorized to sign on your behalf);
  • document any required cost-sharing, if asked to do so by the Business Office;
  • prepare and submit narrative program reports in a timely manner, according to the schedule provided by the funding agency;
  • monitor the program performance of any sub-awardees for this grant;
  • well in advance of reporting deadlines, contact the Business Office and the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations (Ext. 18141) to ensure that a financial report on grant expenditures is initiated.

Making Changes

As your project takes shape, you may find you need to change activities, staffing, or timetable. Such changes may be possible, but certain modifications to program or budget must be reviewed with the funder before you make them. Please notify the Associate Dean of the College, Assistant Controller, and Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations as soon as possible if you encounter any of the following situations:

  • the project undergoes or anticipates a significant change in personnel or scope;
  • you need to extend the grant period to complete the project;
  • you expect that there will be cost overruns or an unexpended grant balance at the end of the grant period;
  • it becomes necessary to shift 10% or more of the total award between budget categories;
  • the principal staff contact who submits invoices, or the person authorized to approve requests for payment, changes; or
  • you encounter any problems or need to make changes in connection with a sub-award or sub-contract that is part of this grant.

In such cases, the offices listed above will work with you to obtain any required approvals from the funding agency. Please be aware that funders take the expiration dates of grants very seriously. If you need an extension, you should be prepared to request it well before the grant period ends - or risk returning unspent funds.

These grant guidelines are an important way to maintain your own and Pomona's relationships with funding agencies. As competition for academic grants becomes ever more intense, our compliance with funder requirements will come under ever closer scrutiny. Your efforts to follow funder guidelines will help ensure funding for you and for others in the future.

With all questions, please feel free to call the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations at (909) 621-8141 (Ext 18141).