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Key Staff Contacts

When students have issues of concern, they are encouraged to seek out the deans, chaplains, Monsour Counseling Center staff, and faculty members for help in resolving difficulties. The deans listen, advise, and act as liaisons with other professionals; and may, in consultation with the student, bring in faculty advisors, Monsour Counseling Center staff, or parents to deal with exceptional situations.

The primary commitment of the College is to counsel and assist students as they move through their academic and personal lives at Pomona.

Student Affairs: Dean of Students Office

Miriam Feldblum, vice president and dean of students, oversees the planning and governance of Student Affairs, the residence halls, and the dining halls. She oversees the Dean of Students’ Office, Campus Life, the Smith Campus Center and its related areas (including KSPC), the Career Development Office, and the Draper Center for Community Partnerships. She is also in charge of policy matters in non-academic areas of student life, and is a professor of politics. Dean Feldblum is available to all students and groups for advice and counsel.

Jan Collins-Eaglin, Associate Dean of Students, provides general academic advising and support for first and second year students (including status changes such as leaves, withdrawals, and readmissions, and working with students on academic probation). She coordinates tutoring and academic support for students, faculty advising workshops, and training for on-call staff, and serves as the College’s Disability Coordinator. She also supervises the Women’s Union, and serves as one of the College’s Grievance Officers.

Daren Mooko, associate dean of students and college Title IX coordinator, provides general academic advising and support for third and fourth year students (including status changes such as leaves, withdrawals, and readmissions, and working with students on academic probation). He advises the all-student judiciary council (J-Board), oversees student academic and leadership prizes, and coordinates student leadership programs and orientation programs. He also supervises the Director of the Asian American Resource Center and the coordinator of the Queer Resource Center. Dean Mooko serves as the editor for the Student Handbook, and as one of the College’s Grievance Officers.

Office of Campus Life

Ric Townes, dean of campus life, is responsible for residence life at Pomona. He provides oversight and direction to the Office of Campus Life and works with the Judicial Council and faculty-student programming.

Frank Bedoya, senior associate dean of campus life, is responsible for the Orientation Program and coordinates the Sponsor Program in the residence halls.

Office of Career Development

Mary Raymond, director of career development, works on graduate and professional school advising with the faculty. For students, he develops internships and provides information and assistance in finding part-time, summer, and post-graduation jobs and graduate schools.

Office of Financial Aid

Students seeking employment should consult the Office of Financial Aid when they arrive on campus. The Career Development Office keeps a listing of all available on-campus jobs. The College limits the number of hours students can work on campus to 18 hours per week.

Campus Center

Christopher Waugh, associate dean of students and director of the Smith Campus Center, serves as the general manager of the business affairs of the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC), is an adviser to the ASPC Senate, and is responsible for facilities and services of the Smith Campus Center.

John Lopes, assistant director of the Smith Campus Center, advises the ASPC financial operations and Budget Committee, the Interfraternity Council, and supervises the operation of Halona Lodge.

International Students

For currently enrolled students, Sara Mitchell, assistant to the vice president and dean of admissions, provides visa assistance.

Resident Advisers and Sponsors

Although living arrangements vary in each residence hall, students live in a coeducational setting. Most residence halls on campus are "coed" by suites, corridors, or areas of hallways, all with separate bathroom facilities for women and men. Continuing students who participate in room draw are guaranteed housing in the residence halls.

Resident Advisers

Each residence hall at Pomona has at least one Resident Adviser (RA) and, in some cases, a faculty or staff member in residence. The RA primarily responds to the personal, educational, and social needs of the hall's residents. In addition to staffing the front desk in the residence halls, the RA is responsible for residence hall security and for responding to emergencies. The RA also acts as a "resource person" with regard to campus procedures, policies, and activities.


Sponsors are second- or third-year student who lives with a group of first-year students all year and assists in their introduction to the College. Sponsors act as mentors to help their "sponsees" get settled when they first arrive on campus. Sponsors attend orientation functions with new students. They also assist new students in meeting people, represent a valuable source of information about the activities and events of the College, and provide a warm personal welcome to the College.