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Student Government

Pomona has a long history of student governance in most areas of academic and non-academic life. Students play important governance roles in the residence halls and on a variety of committees involving policy making and its implementation in student life. Just as important, however, is the role that students play in the governance of the College beyond the domain of residential and social activities.

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate consists of seven senators, five commissioners, a president and a vice president. The members of the Senate represent student interest in setting school policy, set ASPC policy, coordinate student activities, and are responsible for the administration of ASPC property and committee assignments. One of the ASPC's responsibilities is the distribution of student funds, which support social and public events and organizations ranging from the campus radio station to club sports teams. In addition, the ASPC manages Coop Fountain and Coop Store.

Students are appointed by the ASPC Senate to most faculty, administrative, and several trustee committees at Pomona. Their participation in the formulation of policy helps determine how the College sets goals and manages its collective life.

These committees include:

Academic Procedures Committee

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee

Board for Academic Discipline

College Policy Review Council

Commission on the Education ofWomen

Committee for Campus Life and Activities

Committee on Writing

Communications Committee

Computer Committee

Curriculum Committee

Independent Studies Committee

International Education Committee

Judiciary Council

Orientation Committee

Public Events Committee

Residence Halls Committee

Student Affairs Committee

Student Grievance Committee

Study Abroad Committee