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Living at Pomona

"My favorite thing about Pomona Hall is the common room setup. It was a lot of fun to really make the space into our own, and it provides an area for us to hang out, work and relax."
--Logan Galansky '14 

Pomona takes pride in being a residential college where the line between living and learning is practically non-existent.

The quality of what you will learn here outside the classroom, simply from living, working and playing as a member of such a closely knit, energetic and amazingly talented community cannot be overstated.

On-campus housing is guaranteed to any student who requests it, and more 97 percent of Pomona students choose to live there. Pomona’s 16 residence halls range in size from about 60 to 250 students, with an average of 120 each, our coed residence halls are large enough to bring together students with a variety of interests and experiences, but small enough to build cohesive groups among neighbors. Rooms exist in a variety of configurations -- singles, one- and two-room doubles, a few multi-room triples, and many suite-style apartments with three- to six-room apartments arranged around a common living area. 

First-year students are grouped into small sponsor groups, each mentored by two sophomores, and housed in four residential halls on South Campus. Oftentimes, sponsor groups remain friends throughout their four years at Pomona. Each building has one or more resident advisers—students who live in the hall and serve as administrative liaisons—and some even have faculty who live in residence.

The campus is divided unofficially with mostly freshman and sophomore students living on "South Campus" and juniors and seniors living on "North Campus" (above 6th Street), though there are some exceptions to these guidelines, like Walker Hall. All residence halls are smoke-free, and there some special housing options, such as substance-free housing, the five-college housing exchange and friendship suites.

For more information on and photos of each of our 16 residence halls – including our foreign-language hall Oldenborg and the sustainably built and award-winning Pomona and Sontag Halls – visit our Residential Life section.